Why Make a Homeopathic Solution?

It’s another step to make a solution … but it is valuable if you are repeating a remedy as it enables you to ‘bash’ [shake, aka “success”] it between each dose … to activate the remedy, increase the potency very slightly, & to avoid ‘proving’ aggravations.

It Enables you to increase the potency ever so slightly.

I’ve borrowed the image from here to explain to you that succussion [bashing] of remedies is what makes them so powerful.
The bottom row of this chart shows you dilution without succussion : The remedy has been diluted from 4c through to 30c. You can see an energy increase in the remedy due to dilution, but look at the increased energy when succussion is also done! [rows 1 and 2].
The top row is manually shaken [succussed]. This is what I’m asking you to do when you make a homeopathic solution and ‘bash’ it between doses.

Image 1 (top): Dilution & Manual succussion
Image 2 (middle): Dilution & Mechanical succussion
Image 3 (bottom): Only dilution, no succession

Not only does it make the remedy so much more energetically active [meaning it can stimulate the body to heal more efficiently], but Samuel Hahnemann [the ‘father’ of homeopathy] also developed this method to enable you to repeat remedies without creating ‘provings’.

What’s a proving?

A ‘proving’ is used to find out what healing ability a substance has. During a proving, the healthy individual chosen will take a substance in homeopathic potency repeatedly until clear symptoms associated with each dose are seen. These are noted down and many provers are selected so that we can begin to see a clear pattern of symptoms. However, when you are trying to heal you don’t also want to be doing a proving of the other symptoms the remedy can produce. No thanks!

Why do you use a substance that can cause your symptoms?

  • All your physical, mental and emotional symptoms are produced by your body. Even when you have a viral infection, your body creates all the symptoms in response. They are not symptoms of the virus itself.
  • We assume that your body is doing this in an attempt to rebalance and heal itself.
  • However, if your problems don’t resolve fully, then we will try to find a substance that mimics what your body is doing [homeopathic = ‘same suffering’].
  • We’ll potentise that substance by diluting and succussing until it has enough energy to stimulate your body to complete the rebalancing and heal your symptoms.

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