What’s THAT doing in my Vaccine?.

You’ll find this carcinogen in food, cosmetics & baby wipes.  You’ll also find it in vaccines, doing something scary.

Polysorbate 80’s irresponsible use in injectables like vaccines is what stuns me.  It causes a breach in the blood-brain barrier that the medical profession cannot deny knowledge of as they use it to enable chemotherapy drugs access to the brain for brain tumour treatments.

Polysorbate 80 is a kind of detergent & it’s used in injectables as a stabilizing agent.    It is found in your vaccines alongside toxic metal adjuvants like ALUMINIUM.   Polysorbate 80 opens the door for aluminium to enter the brain from the blood after vaccination, leading to brain metal toxicity linked to Alzheimer’s & autism.


As a homeopath working with children with autism, I see that aluminium toxicity is common among children who’s parents report  “vaccine-induced regression”. Its removal through homeopathic detox therapy [use of nano-dilutions] can lead to some wonderful recoveries.

vaccine injury

Photo by Gabriel Gurrola on Unsplash

Whilst I was looking at its use alongside chemo I came across a study that talks about the carcinogenic nature of polysorbate 80.  yet it is still used in many applications and directly injected into your child.

If your great-grandmother didn’t use it it’s probably time to dump it out [and dump out a few obvious things she used as medicine too!]

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