Treating Ear Infections Safely..

Homeopathic treatment for ear infections, otitis media & ear pain.

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Ear pain and inflammation caused by viral or bacterial infections can be treated with homeopathy very effectively.  Also, although antibiotics might treat the symptoms often the infection returns … sometimes straight after.  Antibiotics will not treat the underlying susceptibility to ear pain and infections.

Some children begin to have ear problems soon after their first vaccinations.
Often it is combined with sensitivities to dairy products.
Often it is linked to a family predisposition that can also be remedied.

Homeopathic care can stop the necessity for surgical fitting of ear drainage tubes, and can usually alleviate hearing problems associated with ear catarrh.

Here is a chart of homeopathic remedies most commonly used for ear pain and inflammation.  If you are not sure which remedy fits and if you are under constitutional treatment with me … message me via the usual channels.
During healing of deeper illnesses, ear problems may return.  They were not previously cured but suppressed with antibiotics and will need proper homeopathic treatment to resolve them.   Sometimes they will resolve without a remedy, but if the pain is severe definitely get in touch for help treating this.

I hope this helps you avoid the use of antibiotics.  Antibiotics are disruptive to gut health in particular and can have their own range side effects.  Also, we are fast running out of effective antibiotics so it makes sense to use homeopathic remedies instead and save antibiotics for sudden, life threatening conditions.

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