Treat Nappy Diaper Rash Naturally..

Treat Nappy diaper rash naturally.  It responds well to homeopathic treatment.

We can see how horrible it is to live with … for babies and parents.
In this post I’m going to describe some remedies so that you can help your baby.
Simply, safely & swiftly.

The very best way to give remedies to babies is in homeopathic solution.  Drop a homeopathic pill into sterile water, stir vigorously and give the baby a few drops on the tongue.   Give 3 doses of the 30c water spaced over a day for a couple of days until you see improvement.   Stop as soon as you see improvement and start again if necessary, if the rash returns.  If you can’t get rid of it, book an acute appointment with me.

Homeopathic Remedies For Nappy / Diaper Rash

In order to treat nappy / diaper rash naturally with homeopathy, the most suitable remedy must be selected. By reading the indications of each remedy, it is possible to chose the remedy that most matches the case.

The most commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies are:

Hepar sulphuris

This is a great diaper rash remedy when the baby is generally extremely chilly and very sensitive to being uncovered. The diaper rash tends to become infected very quickly and it has a pussy look with some kind of odour. The child is sensitive to cold and touch to the affected area. He prefers warmth.


Graphites is indicated when the skin is red, dry, cracked and very itchy. There is a honey-like discharge that is initially sticky and then becomes crusty. The child has skin eruptions mostly in the folds of the skin and may suffer from eczema and skin problems in other areas of the body.


Here the skin is red, shiny and the rash is often caused by Candida. The child needing this remedy has the tendency to sleep in a knee-to-chest position. Baby can be very restless and oversensitive to pain.


Sulphur babies are generally very hot and their skin is very delicate and becomes red, hot, dry, and itchy easily, especially around the anus after a stool. The diaper rash is worse after a bath and the child dreads being washed. The child prefers cold water and does not like warm water and warmth in general. He gets worse at night, in a warm bed.


This diaper rash remedy is given in homeopathic form when there is a yeast diaper rash that is difficult to eliminate.


This diaper rash remedy works wonders when the skin looks as if it has been scalded or burned like a sun burn. The skin looks blistery red, raised, hot and painful. The child is worse from touch and cold water. Baby may also have urinary tract infection.

Rhus toxicodendron

This diaper rash remedy works well when the skin is red, dry, swollen and very itchy. You can notice tiny blisters appearing in the diaper area and they can have a clear or pussy liquid in them. They feel better by warmth applications and exposure to fresh air. The child is very restless.

Wishing you success.  If you get stuck, book an acute appointment with me.

Remedies can be sourced from Helios Homeopathy in the UK, and other homeopathic pharmacies world wide.

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8 thoughts on “Treat Nappy Diaper Rash Naturally..”

  1. Hi, thanks for this article, I’m looking for help with my sweet baby girl! Usually happy and sweet natured, she has a really sore red, shiny-ish, raised rash – 2 small circles of it on the outer skin halfway-ish between anus and urethra, and now starting around anys as well! She has started making screeching noises and being really upset at times, she also has horrid, frequent but usually very small, mucousy, and currently green, poos. I’d really appreciate your recommendation please. I seem to remember chamomilla being indicated by green poo and irritable crying- she wants to be picked up and carried when she gets like it, and seems to be worse in the afternoon and early evening.
    Oh, and she is five months old, breastfed, dairy and gluten free but I definitely had a small amount of one of those at the weekend – and she is also starting to show signs of teething..
    many thanks in advance

    1. Yes Sarah, I’d suggest starting with chamomilla too from what you’ve described. You could also look at sulphur and medorrhinum xx

  2. Hi., my little girl doesnt seem to fit a remedy., her nappy area has red spots that are dry they look like after a blister broke., but there werent blister or discharge., the skin looks like it has stretch marks. It doesnt bother her at all and sgge will let me wash and bath her.. ive tried graphites and hep sulph. I am using calendula in water to clean her and in bath and its not clearing up? Could u help. Thank you

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