Thrush & Impetigo … Holiday First Aid..

Thrush (Candida) & Impetigo … Eruptions That Happen on Holiday!

Hi folks.
Today’s is a rapid case, brought to you all the way from sunny Majorca … via Facebook Messenger. 
It is a story of sun, sea, sand, sweaty swimming trunks and sweet little boys with sore little bits.

Isn’t it always the way that thrush (candida) & impetigo appear on holiday … just when you don’t need them?  Just when you want to be waist deep in the sea and neck deep in the sand?  Not sitting around itching, or hiding to air your bits and bobs & walking to the restaurant like John Wayne just off his horse!

So, naming no names … here are some remedies, knowledge & kits you should have with you …

  • the Helios Traveller’s Kit (only available by phone) … for those cases of diarrhoea, food poisoning & sunburn …
  • the Helios 36 remedy first aid kit (available by phone) which is an essential everyday kit you NEED at home.

Read on for more …

When thrush (candida) & impetigo strike.

Thrush & impetigo often have quite similar eruptions, and thankfully respond to similar homeopathic remedies …

Have at hand the following:

  • Ant crud, borax, calc carb, calendula, dulcamara, graphites, medorrhinum, mercury, mezerium, sepia, sulphur. (Especially if any of you have had these before).
  • Natural yogurt can be deliciously soothing & great fun to dip your little bits in. (You girls & women can also use it as a cooling application).  It is probiotic and helps to replace the healthy bacteria which outcompete the yeast or staph bacteria causing the infection.  (Buy it there).
  • Apple Cider Vinegar is useful for washing parts [dilute or it will sting!] … which should be kept clean and airy.   It’s great if you can mix 1 tbsp with apple juice a few times a day and drink it too.  ACV is also probiotic.  (Buy it there).
  • Avoid creams, which encourage moisture retention and sweatiness.
  • Calendula & hypericum can be dropped into water and used as a bathing solution to help with healing.   This is also good for infected cuts.
  • Wash trunks, pants and swimming cozzies on hot! Most don’t allow you to wash hot, so you might want to attack the gusset with a bar of good old soap and then wash as hot as the label allows.

Have a wonderful holiday … but be prepared!
Have the number of a friendly homeopath who is happy to skype with you (I’ll volunteer … but be sure to book in with me before you go! ) … and be sure you have remedies.

Now, I’m off to pack my cozzi and kits.

Love to all

Helios Homeopathy

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