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Michael recovered from a stomach ulcer and sciatica.

“I started having sciatic pain in September 2015,  I went to the doctor who prescribed some extra strength painkillers.  Unfortunately these led to me having severe stomach cramps and stomach ulcers.  The pain would come and go but would strike approximately 2 times a week and when it did it would last for up to 12hrs and was very painful.  I tried various prescription and over the counter remedies both pharmaceutical and more natural but the pain kept getting worse, lasting longer and more frequent, especially after dairy or fatty/greasy food.  I lost over 1 1/2 stone in just under a month.  I contacted Sally for an acute appointment and was given a recommendation for a remedy, which certainly reduced the pain.   This was then followed up by a full appointment over Skype which confirmed the suggested remedy as the best one for me,  and when I felt the symptoms start to build again I took the remedy and it was remarkable how well it staved off the pain.  It has now been at least a couple of weeks since the last episode and I feel much better and have even managed to start eating limited dairy again.  Now all I need to do is keep the weight off that I lost!  Thank you!”
Michael, Peterborough

13 years old: Anxiety and ASD

My son is 13 and has Aspergers and probably PDA.  He has been stressed since the day he was born.  We took him out of a Steiner School about 1.5 years ago and  home educated him, this did lessen his anxiety.  Then we found Sally.  After taking her tablets on the 3rd day he decided at dinner he loved cauliflower and broccoli (he never has done) and devoured a plate full just using his hands, filling his cheeks full!  That night he couldn’t sleep because we were going on holiday, but not from the normal stress of going away, from excitement to be going away!  Something he has never done.  When we got there he ran and jumped into the swimming pool and played in there without us. (He doesn’t normally leave my side and is frightened of swimming).  It’s now been a month since all this happened and we have a more relaxed, happier, more confident child, who still gets worried and has a quick temper, but nothing like he was previously.
Karen [Nottinghamshire, UK]

Teenage Boy: Anxiety

Rio, age 15, suffered with anxiety leading to serious weight loss (having grown rapidly and simultaneously dropped 20kg in weight).  He also suffered with migraines and growing pains.

He had a great outcome after the first remedy, normalising his eating habits and regaining most of the weight he’d lost, along with a reduction in growing pains and migraines.

A year later he returned with paranoid thoughts, fearfulness that stopped him sleeping and exam performance anxiety.  These resolved nicely with a second remedy.
His migraines return in a milder form if he pushes himself too hard (he is studying for GCSE exams this year and has a full dance rehearsal schedule too).  He has had consultations ranging over 1 year, and has regular follow ups during high stress periods, to monitor his health and discuss coping strategies.
His testimonial is long and has its own page here:  Rio’s testimonial.

 Teenage Boy: Skin Problems

My teenage son had a significant skin rash on his neck, (and to a lesser extent his face), which was causing him embarrassment and concern (or perhaps to be honest, me more than him!).  Sally gave us age appropriate and sensitive support to take the case with a full emotional debriefing, and an invitation to send a photo; if he was willing to have one taken.  It felt empowering to us both to have this ongoing relationship with her, and we were thrilled to see the rash fading over the first week of treatment.  Sally is true to the art of homeopathy, as well as the science.
Khadijah (Gloucestershire)

Long Term Anxiety:

Quite recently I had been having some issues with my health. On a visit to a family member who had met Sally previously she passed on my interest in Homeopathic remedies. I was now tired of conventional methods which in the main did not get rid of the problems.  Sally quickly got in touch and an appointment was made for the following day.
I found Sally to be very open and I was able to talk about events regarding my health.  Sally tapped into the route of the problems, which others never took into account.  She took her time and at no point did I feel I was putting her to any trouble. By the end of our session (a lengthy one at that) she had the background required to make an assessment on what would be the best way forward.
Within a few days I received a remedy with exact and clear instructions for use.
Since taking the remedy I am now clear of taking any medication for problems that have troubled me since my early teens. My anxiety levels were reduced in as much as I was able to come off some very strong medications. I no longer reach for Paracetamol or the like – There are other options now.
I have been back in touch with Sally on several occasions regarding little trouble spots and she has always been a kind ear to talk to and when required a remedy has winged its way to me.
I  have told numerous people about Homeopathic remedies and would readily give them Sally’s number as a first contact.
Angela  (Scotland)

Back Pain:

Your approach to diagnosis and treatment is both rigorously logical and intuitively compassionate. The initial consultation was so thorough (I felt that, for the first time, here was somebody who really wanted to get to the bottom of things!) and all of the treatment has been conducted in a considered, considerate and unfailingly accurate way. It is a rare treat to find a health professional so rigorous in method and at the same time so very kind. The whole human is treated and the whole person respected; thank you so much.
Cat.   (Derbyshire)

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