I’ve blogged before about the issue with suppressing fevers and preventing all childhood diseases, so I’m interested in getting immersed in this book. I’m also interested in how alternative measures [diet, different forms of homeopathy, etc] could protect children from the dangers of both infectious and chronic diseases, rather than sacrificing our children to chronic diseases in an attempt to prevent them from the dangers of infectious ones. Read more

polysorbate 80

Today I want to flag up just one ingredient in vaccines that concerns me.  It is a simple substance called polysorbate 80. It’s often in food items like ice cream. My concern is about the safety of using this substance in vaccines when it has this effect on the blood-brainRead more

CONTAMINATION OF VACCINES WITH HUMAN FOETAL CELL FRAGMENTS: The research I’m citing calls for safer production methods for vaccines.  It is not anti-vaccination research.  This research establishes a STRONG correlation between Autism Disorder and specific vaccines. (I do have concerns about vaccines and vaccination. Contaminants are one of the reasons for myRead more