emergency homeopathy

First Aid Emergency Remedies whilst awaiting an ambulance. I’ve been asked by patients to provide a list of “On the way to the hospital” first aid emergency remedies.Here I go: [Take a single dose & repeat once after 5 mins if still needed. 10M is a high potency, so itRead more

If you are looking to treat an eye injury naturally, this is a great little post detailing which homeopathic remedies are useful for which types of eye injuries. http://www.homeopathycenter.org/eye-injuries Hits: 4Read more

First … Stop the bleeding:  Ideas here. Next: clean it. Oregano oil in water in a spray bottle is painless, antiseptic and great for this job. Avoid colloidal silver as silver can cause Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Be sure to use nothing than has lint [cotton wool for example] toRead more