12yo O’s Mum said problems had clearly started with a regression after vaccines. She had her first reaction at 6 months with a very high fever.
However, still at 12 months she was clearly neurotypical and beginning with speech, blessing her food “Amen” with the family and engaging normally in family life. Soon after MMR around 15 months they report, she rapidly regressed.Read more

Heavy metals contribute to sensory and language issues like those seen frequently in autism.  Homeopathy can address metal toxicity safely and efficiently, but there may be other safe and effective ways too.  The more the merrier & maybe there is a place for them to work together! Here I amRead more

Whatever therapy you are doing … stick with it for a good length of time. Staying power and consistency are so important. Jumping around won’t get you anywhere. You’ll dismiss things that might have worked for not having tried them long enough and not stick with anything long enough forRead more