Separation Anxiety, School Phobia & Homesickness: Robert’s Case..

Robert boards at a school in the UK.
He came to me to talk about his miserable homesickness, which was causing school phobia & separation anxiety. At the end of our consultation, I asked him about his voice. I knew he was a chorister but his voice was deep and strangled. Surely it wasn’t normally like that. Neither he nor his mum had noticed until then that his voice changed just before returning to school. Combining this marked change with the grief he felt about leaving his mum & about his grandfather’s death some years before, I gave him a single dose of Ignatia 10M there and then in my home office (and spares to take home).

Robert returned to school without feeling tearful and managed really well. He’s had 1 repeat of his remedy after a relapse but otherwise is fine.  A year on from our consultation, he has been able to continue with the singing he loves.

Ignatia is a good remedy for ‘silent’ grief, when the person is unable to cry, though you may see more crying in Ignatia children than adults. You might also expect to hear the person sigh often, but I’d observed no sighing with Robert when I was interviewing him. The characteristic constriction in the throat gave it away.

If you have a child with school phobia due to separation anxiety, or you suffer from grief or homesickness, speak to me about how I can help you.

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