Returning from Extended Sick Leave.

Hi folks.
I’m about to return from an extended leave. It’ll be awesome to be back in the saddle, rubbling virtual shoulders with my healing community of healing-seekers and healing providers. <3

I’m coming back with baby steps, after carrying out a lot of my own healing work for complex PTSD … so slow and steady is the way. I’ve worked with plenty of people with CPTSD and PTSD over the years. It’s a tough place to be but it really can become a lot better. Get in touch if you want signposting.

Please, understand if I don’t have appointment availability therefore, as I’ll have a small number of appointments weekly to start.

Click here if you would like referral to my wonderful team International Homeopaths For Autism:

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7 thoughts on “Returning from Extended Sick Leave.”

  1. Hello,

    We have kid with ASD and severe constipation and gut issues, we were really struggling a lot to resolve these issues in my kid. Can you please help to get an appointment with Dr Sally Lloyd

  2. Hi,

    My name is Shilpa Ringe and my 13 years old son is on spectrum. He is nonverbal for the world for me he is somewhat verbal but not articulated at all. We are doing biomedical intervention and also interested in homeopathy. Can we start whenever you have appointments?
    Please let me know, desperately looking for options to make him feel more independent and better
    Thank you,

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