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J is a 5 year old American boy with an autoimmune condition – PANS [Pediatric Acute onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome], + Autism [ATEC score of 86] + autoimmune Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

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“I need to add that he is no longer violently aggressive!”

PANS is a nasty, autoimmune condition affecting the brain. It can be induced by a reaction to viruses, bacteria, yeasts, moulds, or pollens and disturbs neurological functioning, with symptoms such as sudden onset Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD], tics, food restrictions, anxiety, irritability, hyperactivity, disturbed sleep, mood swings, etc.

The families I meet who have children with PANS are under a horrendous level of strain. The child can be very distressed and aggressive. Until recently, J was rigid, demanding, had OCD and cried daily. He had extreme mood swings and anger outbursts. He woke every morning screaming. He bit himself and others and scratched. He was a very picky eater and didn’t tolerate bathing AT ALL. He has antibodies to his own thyroid gland and very high immune activation markers [IGE].

This poor little guy has genetic mutations that predispose him to accumulate toxic metals [he’s unable to remove them from his body] and predispose him to autoimmune attacks on his own body. His mom believes these autoimmune attacks were initially triggered after the MMR vaccine, when she saw a clear regression into autism. He lost eye contact and any initial language he was developing and he has until recently had very little understanding of what’s said to him and was unable to speak.
J was in a state of extreme distress and couldn’t bear to have his head touched. Conventional treatments haven’t been able to improve his situation and they were at breaking point. Mom was not allowed to leave the sofa next to him to care for his baby brother and J couldn’t tolerate the presence of his brother. Driving somewhere in a car was almost impossible as he’d insist on particular routes, lanes and speeds and become extremely angry and distressed if they changed lanes or stopped at red lights. His injurious behaviour toward his little brother was becoming extreme.

We are busy working through using homeopathy to detox substances he has been exposed to but we’ve just had a breakthrough with a homeopathic remedy for parasites. Mom was convinced J had parasites. This seems to be common among children with high metal toxicity. So we matched his symptoms to a really good homeopathic remedy called Cina, which has terrible temper issues and has traditionally been used for worms. We also decided to do some ‘bowel nosode’ work with him. This is a homeopathic method that’s used to target gut disruption/Leaky Gut and the remedy we picked has a particular link found with autoimmunity.

Here are the outcomes in mom’s words:

He’s so much better overall.
What is more, Mom is coping much better as she has also had a remedy which has entirely flipped her perspective and given her the stamina to bear with his issues. Indeed, she’s even feeling hopeful and calm when he is struggling. Previously, she was not able to face life as it was.

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