Non-Verbal Autism. Interview #4*

Non-Verbal Autism

L, aged 6, is diagnosed with non-verbal autism.  Through homeopathic treatment, we are hoping for him to be all the way back on the developmental path he was born for; that he will grow up to be the fully independent and successful adult he is meant to be.

You’re about to watch a video of L’s mum describing how he lost his speech, eye contact, and social responses shortly after his vaccines at 16 months.  Until this point, he was ‘neurotypical’ and meeting his milestones.  Not long after his vaccines, he lost eye contact, stopped responding to his name and began to lose each of the words he’d previously used.

His last word was ‘Daddy’, lost at 18 months.

At 22 months he was diagnosed with non-verbal autism and he hasn’t spoken since … until recently at age 6 after homeopathic treatment.  Now he is talking all the time and beginning to use garbled sentences … but they certainly sound like sentences and his teachers and family members report some clearer words coming.    He’s partway through his healing journey and his mum would like to encourage others to try homeopathy.

Leaky Gut

We’ve also used remedies designed to heal L’s leaky gut and seen him begin to play with his siblings, work well at school even in some of the mainstream classes and settle into being trustable at home.  He’s also done quite some potty training.

His story is one I hear repeated over and over in my homeopathic practice.  This kind of ‘regression’ into autism is often, coincidentally, preceded by vaccines.  I have seen some cases where other apparent triggers seemed to be the cause but this is the most common apparent trigger.
Thankfully, we can work with homeopathy and make steady gains.

Michelle found difficulties with other therapies that required lots of supplements L refused to take and involved waking him in the night when sleep was already an issue.  She talks about the great gains she’s seen with homeopathy and how easy it was for him to take the remedies and undergo the treatment so far.

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  1. Hi I need some help desperately my son kylan is 6 at the end of may says some words but very unclear and not saying much he was vaccinated and he went down hill from there his poos aren’t what they should be and he flaps stims constant started hanging his tongue out and stims over the top of the cats food pounches the wrapper he searches the bin for them I try and tell myself he’s okay but he’s really not I’m not I feel so low And I’ve wished both of us don’t wake up before cause I can’t take it anymore I pray every night for a cure but I’m getting no where I’m a single mom so desperately in need of your help we both are I have bad dyslexia so I do apologise for my typing hope to hear from you soon Thankyou for all you do for people I hope your keeping safe many thanks Melanie x

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