Never too late to use Homeopathy for vaccine injury & Autism #

Vaccine Injury

“At a holiday venue we had to point out which child was our special needs one. Before it was obvious!” #homeopathy #vaccines #detox.

12yo O’s Mum said problems had clearly started with a regression after vaccines. She had her first reaction at 6 months with a very high fever.
However, still at 12 months she was clearly neurotypical and beginning with speech, blessing her food “Amen” with the family and engaging normally in family life. Soon after MMR around 15 months they report, she rapidly regressed. The following changes were remarkable:

  • No speech.  
  • Not participating much.  
  • Sat by self.  
  • Cried a LOT.  
  • Needed to be carried by mom.

Starting Point – February 2019

On taking the case of this delightful, Nigerian born girl, her mum reported:

  • Lack of social awareness.
  • She was prone to charge through people to go where she wanted to go.
  • She had little sense of danger & abnormally low pain sensation.
  • She was unable to communicate her needs adequately.
  • She was a happy, non-aggressive child but her understanding was poor & her school were not able to include academic work as she hadn’t been capable at that time.
  • She was unable to sit and focus and could follow very simple, single instructions.
  • She had a lack of independence.
  • She had a lack of functional language.
  • She was also easily fatigued.

1st Remedy:

At her first consultation, I suggested a constitutional homeopathic remedy [Lycopodium] alongside a homeopathic vaccines detox and gut repair remedy.

Toxic Metals

Shortly after her first appointment we received her hair mineral analysis report. This showed high toxic metal accumulation indicative of genetic issues with methylation cycles within the body, causing her to accumulate toxic metals rather than eliminate them. This can, in part, explain her substantial regression around 15 months after vaccinations that contain aluminium adjuvant. It is also likely she accumulates toxic metals from food, water & the environment and will need ongoing support from her parents to detox metals. Her levels are above average to high in aluminium, antimony, arsenic, barium, lead and mercury [among others] but her overall toxic load is in the red danger zone.

Toxic Metal Detox – March 2019:

We began to address the highest metal [antimony] with a targeted homeopathic detox alongside the remedies advised at the first consultation.

First follow-up:

  • Awareness of danger. No longer runs off when getting out of car & careful of fire.
  • Normal pain sensation levels.
  • Greater ability to understand and follow instructions [carrying out 2 instructions together].
  • Greater attention and focus.
  • More independence with self care.
  • School reports her teachers are able to begin simple academic work with her.
  • Stamina has improved. No longer needing to rest frequently.
  • Speech: can now say “Take off my top.” and express needs in sentences.
  • New words added to her vocabulary daily.
  • Functional but not expressive speech.
  • Beginning to show desire to hold conversations.

Estimated 40-50% overall improvement reported by mum.

Second Remedy:

Continue with current remedy.

Second Follow-up:

  • Taking turns in school.
  • Can now dress herself 100%. Has started to show preferences in clothes.
  • Can manage personal hygiene.
  • No need to be alert for her safety 24/7.
  • Gaining new words daily.
  • She is largely calm and no longer elopes.
  • Improvements in danger awareness.
  • Will play with others for a few minutes now and she is more interested in socializing.
  • At a holiday venue her parents had to point out which child was their special needs one. Before it was obvious.

Third Remedy:

Continue with current remedy. If it is working don’t try to fix it! Lovely outcomes continuing for this child.

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  1. Since we began the detox, i can boldly say now that my daughter is more present and more aware of things in her environment as opposed to when she used to be in a world of her own. She understands what to do when told to bring items without having to use pictures for directions. I know we have more work to do but I am confident that she will scale through. Thanks you Sally for taking her on and for always responding to my sometimes 3 times a day emails every time I reach out.

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