Managing Natural Treatment of Eczema..

Eczema can be healed safely with homeopathic medicines.

  • Eczema can be healed with homeopathic medicines even with tiny babies.
  • It is more usual that patients come to a homeopath with deeper conditions after suppressing eczema with steroid medications.
  • During healing of the deeper condition, the eczema is revealed and then treated with homeopathy.
  • This can be challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Three additional things I help patients with whilst healing eczema with homeopathic remedies:

  1. Gut healing
  2. Detoxing steroid medications and their side-effects
  3. Managing eczema flares

Gut healing:

Usually, there is a problem with the gut underlying eczema, so we use special remedies to rebalance the gut.  These are called nosodes.  They encourage the gut to support a healthy balance of microbes.  This is like a super-probiotic.
This alone can resolve some eczema cases.

Detoxing steroid medications + side effects.

Where steroids have been used we work to detox the steroid medications with homeopathic detox remedies.  This is usually done by using a homeopathic version of the steroid medicines that have been used in the past.
This can really improve eczema strangely enough because steroid medication suppresses eczema but it also seems to maintain it in some way, making for a vicious cycle of eczema flares.  Sometimes eczema flares are a withdrawal effect from weaning off steroid medications themselves and will settle with time.

Managing Eczema Flares.

Stellaria [aka Chickweed]

The third thing is supporting patients whilst their eczema is healing.
We try to do this without the use of steroid medications.
We can use Stellaria cream [UK] [USA] to soothe the eczema without suppressing it. It doesn’t make eczema disappear, but it can help it feel more bearable.  Use it as and when needed.  It shouldn’t sting and can be used on open skin too.

There are many good websites showing how to soothe eczema, but avoid sulfur based creams, general herbal creams & combination homeopathic remedies [or homeopathic remedies not prescribed for the individual].  All of these have the potential to suppress eczema [make it disappear] and cause the deeper condition to return.

On occasion, the eczema is so severe that the patient needs to use a small amount of steroid cream diluted in a large amount of base cream.  We tweak the proportions until the condition is livable, reducing the steroid ratio as the condition improves and gradually weaning off the steroid.   Start by adding a really tiny pea sized amount of steroid cream to a large pot of emollient cream and stirring it in well. Add small amounts until the eczema becomes bearable.  This is not to be done lightly.  It’s not ideal.   Steroid medications undo the healing work of homeopathic remedies so we will usually repeat the homeopathic remedies often if you are still using any amount of steroid medication.  So be sure to tell your homeopath if you are using this, and if you stop.

Stellaria creams often contain almond oil, so if you or your child are allergic to nuts you will need to make the cream yourself or find a source without almond oil.

To Make Stellaria Cream

Fill a cup with Stellaria [chickweed] herb.  [Available via and]
Pour on olive oil or coconut oil until you cover the herbs.
Heat to just below boiling point [carefully use a microwave or a pan on the stove].
Allow to steep and cool overnight.
Strain through a fine cloth.
Keep the oil and discard the herb.
Add small amounts of melted beeswax to the oil, testing every now and again to see how hard it sets.  To do this, pour a few drops of the oil/beeswax mixture into a cold dish and allow to set.  If it sets too hard, reheat and add a little more oil.
Once it is setting well, pour the oil/beeswax mixture into a small jar and keep it in the fridge.
This cream can be applied as needed to soothe eczema.  It is safe to use on open skin also. It won’t sting.

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