Making a Homeopathic Solution..

This is a ‘How To’ page.

  • How to prepare and take a homeopathic solution.
  • How to use a dilution glass [for sensitive patients]

NB: If you haven’t been asked to make a homeopathic solution you can just take a single dry pill [Helios] or 3-5 tiny pills [Sourcehomeopathy] as a single dose.

The long awaited video tutorial. 🙂

Preparing and taking a homeopathic solution:

You’ll need:

  • 300ml/10 oz glass water bottle (sterilized and ideally coloured to exclude light. Clear glass can be used if you store it in the dark. Please don’t use old medicine bottles due to possible residues.)  …. Don’t delay your remedy trying to find the ‘right’ bottle.  A jam jar covered with a dark sock is often used by my patients!
  • Spring water to fill the bottle to 2/3 full (not tap water due to chlorine, etc).
  • 1 remedy pill from your prescription if ordering from Helios.  [If from SourceHomeopathy, 3-5 tiny pills].
    NB* the pill does not need to dissolve fast. The remedy is on the outside of the pill and in the water instantly.
  • 1 tbsp brandy or vodka (as a preservative).
    This is safe for babies/children/pregnant women when diluted in 200ml of water as only a few drops [1/2tsp] will be taken. If you need to avoid alcohol, the med sol will last 3 days in a fridge and a fresh one will need to be made if taking the remedy for longer than 3 days.

To prepare:

  1. Add water, remedy pill [or 3-5 tiny pills], and alcohol to the bottle.
  2. Clearly label with date, contents and patient’s name.
  3. Store in a cool, dark place [especially if using a clear glass bottle] & out of the reach of children.

Before taking your dose ‘succuss’ as follows:

  1. Cap the bottle.
  2. Bash it bottom first, hard, onto a soft surface the prescribed number of times (or 3 times if no number is specified).  This mixes and activates the remedy and must be done before every dose. Succussing is done to activate the remedy and very slightly raise the potency before each dose.

1/2 a teaspoon to be taken on the tongue.

How to use a dilution glass:

If you have been asked to “take the remedy through a dilution glass” please follow these instructions:

Diluting a homeopathic solution dose:

  1. Make up your homeopathic solution.
  2. Succuss the required number of times.
  3. Take 1/2 teaspoon of your homeopathic solution and place into a drinking glass of spring water [‘dilution glass’].
  4. Stir and take a 1/2 tsp dose from this glass.
  5. To take your next dose, succuss the homeopathic solution as instructed and repeat the process.

If you have been asked to take the “dose through 2 dilution glasses”

  1. Take 1/2 tsp from your dilution glass and place into a second drinking glass of spring water.
  2. Stir and take 1/2 tsp from this 2nd glass.

Dilution glass for a dry pill dose:

  1. Make a homeopathic solution without alcohol.
  2. Succuss 3 times if it is in a glass bottle.
  3. Take 1/2 tsp of the homeopathic solution and put into a drinking glass of spring water [the ‘dilution glass’].
  4. Stir & take your 1/2 tsp from this glass.

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