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Lyme (Borreliosis) Disease[Source for Symptom Chart above.]
Homeopathic First Aid for Tick Bites; 
Sourcing Homeopathic Remedies;
Climate Change. 

The homeopathic remedy discussed here for Lyme Disease first aid can be taken by humans and pets fortnightly during tick season in an attempt to catch potential early infection from unseen tick bites. Consult with your homeopath, but 30c weekly is usually recommended.

Guardian article 28.7.15 warning of boom in tick populations. Click for article.

“Homeopathic Ledum is our FIRST aid treatment for tick bites in humans and animals.”

Be aware that Lyme Disease does occur in the UK, where it is less often recognised. I have personal experience with Lyme Disease with my eldest daughter in the USA.  She became seriously ill (within a month) with neurological problems and Lyme related arthritis.  She underwent 70 days of antibiotics with their own consequences.

My second daughter was bitten by a tiny deer tick in the UK and produced the characteristic ‘bull’s eye’ mark(which signals that the bacterial infection Borreliosis is present).  However, I knew the signs and gave her a single dose of Ledum 200c. The bull’s eye subsided and she had no further development of borreliosis symptoms (to date about 7 years). I saw a locum doctor who looked up the disease and offered to monitor her. My own doctor at the time strongly believed that Lyme Disease doesn’t exist in the UK.

Homeopaths consider Ledum as first aid against infections from bites, stings and puncture wounds of all types, once you have been bitten.
But if signs of infection develop please consult your homeopathic practitioner and / or doctor.

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