Infected Toe*

Guest Post:  Sarah Feeley.

Recently I had cause to contact my Homeopath to assist me in healing a toe that had gotten infected after pulling out a small piece of sticking up skin, to deeply from around the toenail of my right foot. The toe was immediately sore however I left it for a couple of days, treating it with Sudocrem and a bandage. I noticed it was getting worse and the next day it was infected, very sore and painful and very unsightly with the inside of where the wound was, bubbling out to the surface and oozing blood and pus, lovely. I still continued to treat on my own for a day or two before deciding that the toe was only getting worse and not better.

I contacted Sally through one of her pages and was instantly recommended the remedies that would help, some of which I had, some of which I needed to order in and which arrived promptly the next morning. I took the remedies as instructed and within less than 24hrs the infection began to slowly retreat. By the next day, it was visibly better and notably less sore. I was so happy as I had been having trouble even walking on it and of course, it got stepped on several times too, sending me through the roof. Within days it continued to improve and was fully recovered within the week. No antibiotics necessary. Thanks to Sally, and the close network of other Homeopath’s that are present on her page, my toe is now back to normal and once again proves to me how wonderful a system Homeopathy is. Thank you.

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