HPV Vaccine: far greater adverse reaction reports than other vaccines *

The infographic here indicates that some of the adverse reactions have been seriously debilitating … such a horrible loss of quality of life for a child of 13.

From The Independent. Click for article.

If you or a child have been affected by vaccine injury, consider consulting a homeopath for advice and help.

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2 thoughts on “HPV Vaccine: far greater adverse reaction reports than other vaccines *”

  1. I started having nerve pain and loss of sensation immediately following the first shot. Finally, after years of living with this I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and prescribed an abnormally large dosage of neurontin.
    I have been medication free for almost 8 years now, but still deal with the pain to the point where my mental health suffers.
    This shot has ruined my career, my motivation, my body and my life. Sad thing is I know others have suffered far worse.

    1. Hi Jacey. This is a sad story to hear and vaccine injuries definitely happen. It is sometimes possible to recover to some extent from vaccine injuries with homeopathy, particularly homeopathic detoxes.
      Let me know if you’d like to discuss this more.

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