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Homeopathy Birth Support Overview

Rapid Info for homeopathy birth support at your fingertips.   Print and give to your birth partners.  Plan your birth kit.


  • During pregnancy
  • Pre-birth fear and nerves
  • Pain management & non-progression
  • Labour complications
  • After birth

Grab the Helios Homeopathy for Birth Kit.  {Other kits may be available}.

It is only available via phone or email order from Helios but you can usually get it at Amazon & elsewhere.

This wonderful kit has a small booklet of symptoms and descriptions of the remedies it contains for homeopathy birth support.  Ask anyone attending your birth to support you to read this article and the Helios birth kit book well to be familiar enough with it to help during your birth.

All the remedies are in 200c potency.
Use as needed, but sparingly.
Be careful to stop dosing when you see a response and restart when the symptoms return.
Pop a pill into a bottle of bottled water and take doses as a sip if you are going to need to have the remedy repeatedly.  [stock yourself up with a number of bottles of water and give each a label that can be written on.]  

The kit booklet is very useful. 

Remedies mentioned in this article that are not in the Helios Birth Kit:

Viburnum 200c
Gunpowder 200c
Pyrogen 200c


During Pregnancy

Bellis perennis is a remedy that is useful for overstretched uterine ligaments and pain when twisting.  It reaches the parts arnica can’t!

Calcarea phos can help with symphysis pubis dysfunction.  You can get it as a New Era Tissue Salt and follow the directions on the pot.  There is a tissue salt schedule for pregnancy here.

Threatened Miscarriage.
I’ve used Viburnum 200c very successfully [for myself] when starting to miscarry on two occasions.  Prior to this, I’d had a number of miscarriages at about 13 weeks gestation.  The remedy is ‘crampbark’ herbally and has a long history of use in this way.  Used homeopathically, it can have no chemical side-effects or allergic interactions, so homeopathically is the way for me!

Pre-Birth Nerves & Fear during Labour.

Aconite 200c single dose.  Repeat if necessary but very sparingly!  Frighty.  Panic.  Palpitations, tingling, heart racing, etc.
Also look at Gelsemium 200c single dose [repeat if needed, but very sparingly] if feeling weak and dizzy and dopey with your anxiety.  It’s a remedy for anticipation anxiety.
Another anticipation anxiety remedy is argentum nitricum 200c single dose[repeat if needed, but very sparingly]:  expect your bowels to be affected by nervousness if you need this remedy!  Nervous diarrhea.

If labour stops if you transfer into a birthing centre, look at the remedies above and also Pulsatilla.

Pain Management & Non-progression

Sciatica Caused by Position of Baby or Twisting Hurts.  

Bellis Perennis 200c.  Also reduces pain of overstretched uterine ligaments.  “Refreshing the parts arnica can’t reach”.  Healing deep injury to soft tissues.


You can use mag phos 200c usefully for muscle cramps that look a lot like period pain.  Pop a pill into a bottle of bottled water and sit every 1 minute as needed.  Stop sipping when pain subsides and return to sipping when it returns.  

Labour pain down abdomen through legs: viburnum or kali carb are indicated.


Cimicifuga:  cervix remains rigidly closed or fails to dilate properly.  Especially where there’s a previous birth experience or miscarriage that is causing fear &/or inability to cope.

Other remedies to look at are Caulophyllum, Pulsatilla, Sepia if the labour is slow or non-progressing.

Don’t overdo the number of doses, particularly of Caulophyllum as it is used as a natural alternative for induction!  It can speed up the labour more than you want.  GO slowly.  Take a dose and wait 5 minutes before repeating if you are looking to overcome non-progression.

If you feel weepy and weak and are not progressing: Pulsatilla or cimicifuga. Check the materia medica section in the booklet to see which is best fitting.  
Slow, long, painful: arnica.
Too fast or violent: aconite.

Intense Pain

Pain is really intense, you don’t know what you want, you don’t want it when you get what you asked for and you are likely to be abusive: Chamomilla.

I have a note in my own Helios Birth Kit booklet that says: “Fear of lack of control.  Body won’t do as you want.  Red hot poker pain in anus.  Want to tell everyone to F**k Off!”

Labour Complications

Excessive Bleeding
Remedies such as ipecac are indicated for excessive bleeding during labour.  If you are not near emergency care … get there!  Bright red hemorrhaging with constant nausea.
In the booklet it gives more detail and more remedies.

As a preventative in long labours: arnica is recommended in the booklet.  It is also useful for exhaustion in a long labour.

Retained Placenta
Secale is the remedy you can try here.
Also, if your adrenalin is raised you’ll stop labouring the placenta.
If so and you are feeling nervous, weepy and unsupported [unsafe] Pulsatilla may restart the contractions to labour the placenta too.


After Birth

Blue Baby or mother in a breathless state: carbo veg 200c [remedies are safe for babies from birth.  Place a small pill on the baby’s inner lip and then remove. The medication is on the outside of the pill and will be taken into the saliva rapidly].  Be sure you have access to emergency care if you have either of these situations.

Forceps delivery: bellis perennis 200c single dose.  Bruised feeling worse when twisting the body.  For bruising when arnica hasn’t done enough.

Bruising: Arnica & or Bellis Perennis.  These remedies will address bruising.

ShockAconite 200c single dose.

Anger/Humiliation if the birth didn’t go the way you wanted or due to interventions
Staphysagria 200c single dose.

Afterpains:  look at remedies like Kali carb or Viburnum.  You will experience pains drawing down into the thighs or buttocks if you need this remedy.  Put a single 200c into a bottle of water and sip sparingly, when needed.  This is WONDERFUL if the right remedy.  If you need help selecting a remedy for after pains you can book an acute appointment with me here: www.sallylloydhomeopathy.as.me/acute

Infections:  If you have any minor infections indicated: calendula 200c [ie, redness and swelling of any perineal tears or of stitches]

More serious infections:  you can ask Helios to make up a combination of calendula 200c, gunpowder 200c and pyrogen 200c and have this ready before birth.  Dose every 5 minutes in an emergency if you suspect sepsis and get yourself an ambulance fast!   Don’t delay the latter, if in any doubt.

Have a great birth!

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