Highlights from Practice this Week: March 9th 2017..

Highlights of the week:

1. An anxious 10 year old girl who could swallow nothing but small quantities of smooth soup for fear of choking (after seeing her sister choke a while back) is able to eat after 1 dose of Phos 10m, and has been able to go to the corner shop & a short trip to the park with friends, without mum. She’d reached quite a crisis point with weight loss so fast action from the remedy was a relief ❤ Her’s was an emergency appointment last week.

2. A man with extreme back pain (pinching spinal disc + sciatica), is up & about walking and wrote in the new patient support group that he went back to work 😄 Kali carb 1M, followed by Hypericum 200c. [He also used Mag phos acutely for pain management].

3. A lady I’ve been treating for a deep depression reported she’s now coping beautifully despite her life circumstances getting tougher. She was shining and motivated. She’s had increasingly high potencies of pulsatilla. This week we signed her off treatment onto ‘maintenance’. She is well 😄  No antidepressants needed. Homeopathy improves your health whilst alleviating your symptoms.  Win-win!

4. She also reported that her son’s teachers say “we don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it!” He is recovering from autism with detoxes and classical homeopathic treatment under my guidance.  We are seeing some nice breakthroughs with expressive language and concentration.  🙂

5. This evening I skype visited with a 7-year-old boy who has autism and apraxia (his brain struggles to coordinate all the processes that enable us to produce speech.  He was non-verbal when we started his treatment in October 2016). He was asking for ‘some’ each time he wanted another spoonful of breakfast and managing the word ‘tongue’ pretty convincingly, working hard to coordinate the nasal stop sound in the word.  His first word some months back during steroid medication detox was ‘dog’. We can now hear he is talking and it’s garbled but it has a definite sound of deliberate speech and some words are pretty clear. He understands a lot and he’s gradually being released from his silence, his chronic head pain, distraction & his ‘stimming’. He’s able to concentrate well on hours of school work per day now and able to cope with outings really well (his family was unable to go out with him for a long while). Still plenty of work to do, but edifying gains (after hard detoxes). We hope to recover him <3

6. A lovely lady with severe memory loss after a head injury reports she has images appearing in her head now. Imagine a mind where you can’t form images! She had some fleeting memories of her children from past times. She’s able to read again [she went mad renting books from the library in her excitement] and is looking toward the future. She’s not been able to organise her mind enough to look forward and make plans.  She’s been organising home educators groups even!  This is very exciting for her. Nat Sulph 200c and arnica at work.  Still a long way to go, but her gains are steady and noticeable even in these early days of treatment.

7. A man with a high-stress job in finance, suffering from performance anxiety and work stress reported that he’s no longer skeptical of homeopathy. [I admit I tend to give a slightly higher potency, that will have a skepticism-busting effect when someone is going to need to see proof it’s the remedy working!  Otherwise, it is too easy to put the improvements down to just about anything else that is more feasible in your mind.  You might get a touch more remedy response [aka aggravation] in this case, but you are more likely to stick with and benefit from the treatment if you’ve seen the remedy action] He’s been able to take some healing time [before he didn’t dare rest] and is doing well. His anxiety & depression is lifting & he’s coping better at work & home. Nux vomica 1M.

8. Finally seeing progress with a teenage boy with autism and asthma. His violent and impulsive behaviour is improving with the recent remedy (tarentula hispanica). He’s much calmer when he’s had the remedy. Peculiarly calm for him [great breakthrough because watching him required constant vigilence and he was often violent.] His asthma steroid medicine antidotes the remedy after a few days so we decided to repeat it daily instead of weekly. Today we worked out a remedy for his asthma so we can begin to see an improvement that will enable him to withdraw the steroid inhaler. Meanwhile we detox the ill effects of the steroids with a steroid detox twice weekly.  Steroid use for eczema when he was a baby led to asthma and steroid use for asthma has led to considerable mental health problems and autism.
His mum has shown great patience and trust and we are making real headway now. So pleased! ❤

This week wasn’t without its challenges. I had an iCal glitch that wiped an appointment that was much needed. With 200+ patients I’m dependent on efficient systems. It works very well when technology is on my side. I managed to find space for him and reassure his mum. He’s in the early stages of treatment and has come from a very low state where he’s seen many homeopaths and never responded to any remedies. I started him with a dose of Thuja which can help where there is no response. His response was a return of old symptoms and an aggravation. Great news if you know how to interpret it. He’ll do well but this is the tough early stage.

This week I set up a private Facebook support group just for my patients. It’s got busy already. I was asked if I’d set one up by 3 independent patients in one day, so I took that as a clear indication it was both needed and meant to happen! The group enables parents to talk to each other about their experiences going through homeopathic treatment with their child and enables patients to read other people’s questions and get support for their own.  Hopefully, people can ask some of the many questions I get in there 🙂  There are lots of people in there that are ahead and understand the process well.  And it will be useful for others to read the answers to questions.

Right. It’s been an intense week (parenting solo with my husband travelling for work in the US, seeing my daughter through a two-day art exam & seeing some 30 patients) and I’m off now to relearn how to think about something other than homeopathy during my waking and sleeping hours.

Have a great weekend!

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