Highlights from Practice: Week beginning 27th March 2017..


Over the weekend

  • I had one small girl with impetigo and an ear infection who couldn’t get her remedies locally [definitely going to get a Helios 36 remedy first aid kit] and had to start antibiotics by Sunday … Remedy [Mercury] received Tuesday and after taking it she fell into a long, healing sleep. I’m waiting for an update.
  • A little boy with an ear infection who responded very well to silica, started eating again and playing.
  • And another with high fever managed beautifully with remedies. πŸ™‚
  • Toddler with a cough causing him to vomit needed help too.  I’m guessing he’s well since I’ve not heard back from his mum that he’s still suffering.
  • A man I’ve been treating for back pain [pinched disc] has not got back pain and can walk again but needed a remedy to sort sciatica.  Kali carb did a fast job for this final bit of healing. I often see people further down the line with stomach problems after medications for sciatica.  Nice to get an uncomplicated sciatica to deal with rather than a stomach ulcer on top.

I’m on call for a lady who is now in labour with her second baby as we speak. <3  I’ve had my phone on for a few nights and tonight will hopefully bring good news and pictures of the baby girl she’s expecting πŸ™‚ Such excitement!  I’ve had a picture.  She is BEAUTIFUL!  Remedies were useful for promoting contractions when these didn’t get going well.  She’d also had remedies for fear and anxiety about the birth, which had been very helpful.

Today I followed up with a lady who said her eyesight improved this month after remedies.  Her own mother suffers from macular degeneration.  She went to take out her contact lenses to discover she’d not been wearing them!  πŸ™‚ That made me giggle.  She reported that her brain fog had lifted a lot … but I’d already spotted that within a minute of speaking with her.  So much more lucid! She looked ‘bonny’.  Her daughter told me her eyes look less cloudy.

Today I signed off a man I have been treating for anxiety, depression & OCD.  He came off his medication [Sertraline] last autumn after we started with Aconite 10M. Then cannabis indica 30c and 200c finished off the remaining problems he was having with compulsive thoughts & actions.  He is loving living without the emotion-deadening side-effects of the meds.  He’s suffered from anxiety since about age 2.  Wonderful relief. He looks really well.  He’s lost the numbness and tingling in his hands and feet too.

I followed up with the parents of an autistic boy who said he understood his mother’s joke and his expressive language was improving. He was doing division and playing hangman! The next detox remedy will likely be the one that makes the most difference to him as it will contain the MMR and he regressed markedly after the MMR.

I’ve been treating 4 boys within one family and this week I was able to move 2 of the boys to ‘maintenance’.  It means they just come to me if they have a new problem. They are well enough to not need to come regularly. <3

A little while back I saw a lady who’s fingers had become arthritic, cold, blue and swollen since she got a thorn in her hand.  I gave her ledum and she reports that the blueness, coldness and swelling is much improved.

7 year old boy started to speak after a vaccine detox.  I’m about to hear more this Friday πŸ™‚

Constipation resolved in an autistic 7 year old patient, who is gaining words gradually and has discovered his eyebrows can move now and is fascinated by his mum’s too. πŸ™‚

Some Lowlights: 
It is always disappointing when people leave off treatment before they’ve recovered. That is their choice and sometimes I can’t offer them enough change soon enough to keep them trying.  Sometimes we’ve made great headway, but there are some symptoms that don’t seem to want to shift for some reason.
I signed off with a man who has done well with a number of deep problems but I don’t seem yet to be able to resolve the fibromyalgic pain he suffers with.
A child left after not much of a result with the first remedy.
I find it hard to watch them walk away and I hope they find another solution that suits them and doesn’t involve iatrogenic damage from conventional medicines.
It is hard for people to know that in some cases healing will take longer because the problem is very deep.
In other cases I just didn’t find the right remedy yet.  There are so many potential remedies that this is a definite possibility sometimes that I’ll fail to find it.  The deeper the ill health the more difficult it is to find the remedy often.
Many of the people I work with have deep ill health.

Keep trying <3

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