Highlights from Practice: March 18th 2017..

It was nice to have my dh home again and fit in lots of dog walks and garden work over the weekend 🙂  This week I’ve also taken to running a mile before work [literally, not figuratively!]

We had a great, long discussion about adrenal fatigue [causes and solutions] in my private facebook patient support group this weekend.   If you are a patient of mine and not in the group, friend me on facebook and I’ll add you.

  1. I received an overjoyed message saying one of my patients with ASD has picked up his spoon and fed himself. A great breakthrough.  I mentioned him last week as he was attempting some pretty tough words. His coordination is gradually coming together really well.  We see this in his ability to form words and his ability to operate a spoon. He just looks altogether better too.  He’s begun an opiates detox. Opiates slip into our children through pain meds in labour & pain meds for procedures they have had themselves.  Opiates can cause breast latching trouble at birth, constipation from birth [lack of gut motility], attention problems, etc. Detoxing them is simple and can bring great gains. 🙂
  2. I had an update from the 3rd of these little girls, who is doing really well still.  Her sister is coming for some help for separation anxiety.  Anxiety often runs in families, not merely by being acquired through modeling as is often assumed.
  3. I also had contact with another girl of a similar age with a similar problem who will book in this week.  Anxiety among children is epidemic and can limit development as it limits freedom to explore and express oneself.  The reasons for the epidemic, I believe, are part social and part medical.  For my social commentary click here.  Traditional medicines reduce the level of health and drive illness over toward the deeper mental/emotional level. Antibiotics, vaccinations, fever reducing and other types of meds can do this, as well as stress, traumas, and environmental toxins.
  4. I’ve been hearing about lots of good detoxing responses among children I’ve just begun treating.  This is such a good sign.  It is sometimes tough to deal with but if parents know these are positive signs they can more easily work with the process and keep their confidence in it.  Lots of fevers coming up this week, after years without being able to produce a fever, this is the BEST thing we hope for with homeopathic detoxes and homeopathic remedy responses in general. 🙂
  5. Thank you message came in from a little girl who was running a very high fever and mum couldn’t get it down with any of the usual fever remedies.  We had a quick urgent appointment, established nux vomica as a good match and her fever is down and she bounced back.  This was important as she was convulsing with her fever and we’ve been working to recover the use of her right arm and leg since she had a seizure in November.  I notice I don’t see her squint any more too!  Mum says it is more intermittent now.
  6. Another message on my patient support group that a young lad with vitiligo turning his hair grey in patches has hair growing back his natural colour since we gave him a remedy last month!  Fast!  [Remedy was kreos 1M, single dose].

Lots and lots of new cases and enquiries this week, as usual.  We are really encouraging homeopaths from our large practice group to learn to work with healing autism and pandas & get brave … we are run off our feet.  <3

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