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Mineral Check Hair Mineral AnalysisToxic metals plus essential minerals with Nutritionist’s Report. £75

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*** Postal address will be on the purchase confirmation page and in your confirmation email ***


  • Wash your hair and rinse well. Leave to dry and do not use any products before taking the sample.
  • If your hair is treated or coloured, please wait 6 weeks before taking a sample from the new growth. If however your test is urgent, please go ahead as it is rare for dye to affect a sample. We just like to err on the side of caution. 
  • As close to the scalp as possible, cut small amounts of hair from the nape of the neck and back of the head as this reflects the most recent metabolic activity in the body.
  • If your hair is less than 3 cm long (1.5 inches) keep all of it for testing. If it’s longer, keep the 3 cm of hair that was closest to the scalp and trim off and discard the rest. [please don’t send the full length as it is not always obvious which end was closest to the scalp!]
  • When you have the sample ready, pop it into a plastic ziplock bag and into an envelope ready to send to me with the required info. [Address & required info shown below].
  • Unlike some medical samples, hair is stable and this means it will not deteriorate. While you should post as soon as you can to get your results back quickly, the sample will be fine if you cannot for any reason get it off immediately. 

How much hair?

  • The laboratory requires 100 mg, approximately 1 heaped teaspoon full of hair. Be sure to send enough but please be sure to trim to 3cm as described above.

What type of hair?

  • Head hair is preferred but if unavailable, you can use facial or pubic hair.
  • NB: Please do not mix samples – i.e. do not mix head hair with facial hair. 
  • The only shampoo that may affect the result is anti-dandruff shampoo so if this is something you usually use, switch to baby shampoo for a few washes before taking your sample.

Send the following information with your hair sample: 

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Outside the UK & sending a hair sample?
No kit is sent out. Use the instructions above.
*** Postal address will be on the purchase confirmation page and in your confirmation email ***
Results arrive via email.

Option 2:

Regenerus Lab UK
[Doctor’s Data Test]

I used to use Regenerus Lab UK [Doctor’s Data test] also but they are now direct shipping the test pack to the USA from the UK rather than sending email instructions and they require it to be shipped back to the UK rather than within the USA. Shipping is about $50 to receive the test. Contact them for updates on shipping costs if you want this option [follow the link just above].

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