You Got Sick & Now To Get Well..

Essential information:
A New Way To Look At Your ‘Disease’ & Recovery. 

ALL ill health is connected.
You don’t have multiple illnesses.  You have one illness with multiple symptoms across multiple systems.

Your body isn’t disconnected bits & it needs to be healed as a whole.

From a homeopathic perspective, conditions given different names are not distinct illnesses, so much as weaknesses in defences or predispositions, that are triggered.

To bring your health back you have to raise your level of health to the stage before your predispositions were triggered. With different weaknesses and predispositions, you’d develop different symptoms, given different disease names.

Health can be driven down by

  • natural ageing,
  • undue stress,
  • environmental toxins,
  • poor diet,
  • unhealthy habitats,
  • traumas,
  • negative relationships,
  • recreational and prescribed drugs,
  • other, chronic stress factors.

To return to earlier, better stages of health you must assess and attend to all your chronic stress factors, but you may not have the ability to spontaneously recover once they are removed.
You can have homeopathic treatment to raise your level of health at this point.
However, without attending to your chronic stress factors you retain a ‘maintaining cause’ that will bring you back down however hard we work to raise you with homeopathy.

We see that, as our physical health descends, we develop symptoms first at the skin level (maybe as children), moving to the mucous membrane level (throat, tonsils, ears) then within the muscular-skeletal system (rheumatism, back pain, arthritis). As health descends further we might experience lung problems (asthma, bronchitis, etc), then problems in organs like the kidneys, liver, heart, etc. Next, we might see the endocrine system involved (as in adrenal fatigue & hypothyroidism) and finally the brain and nervous system may become involved (as in multiple sclerosis, for example).

However, human health doesn’t exist alone on the physical level. Nor do all people have predisposed weakness within each body system. Under particularly heavy stresses, we may descend fast and bypass some of our simpler predispositions, arriving at the deeper mental and emotional levels.   We are three-dimensional beings, not just existing on the physical level

If a person is particularly predisposed to emotional health problems, when their level of health descends rapidly they may move straight to anxiety, phobias, apathy, depression or suicidal depression. When you are beginning to see the development of such ailments under drug treatment for physical conditions you should see this as an acute warning sign that this treatment is helping your symptoms at great expense to your health. Sometimes it is unavoidable in the short term, but seek homeopathy so that you can eventually, safely come off drugs that are having side effects.

At any one time we may have physical, emotional and mental health symptoms of disease, but with suppressive medications and chronic stress we will always move gradually toward more emotional and mental health problems and/or deeper physical problems, and the lesser physical symptoms will usually be ‘grown out of’.

A Typical Descending Case:

A good example is the following case of a boy I am currently treating:

  • At 2 months of age, he was immunised and ‘immediately’ developed eczema. (A family predisposition).
  • His eczema was treated with steroids, antibiotics, and antihistamines.
  • As the steroid treatment began to ‘cure’ eczema he developed asthma (A family predisposition. This is a common development in eczema cases).
  • His asthma was treated with more steroids. This time they were not steroid creams but steroid inhalers and steroid liquid medication.
  • As his asthma came under control he began to develop very disruptive behavioural traits, he lost empathy and self-control.
  • By the time he came to me, aged 10, he was clearly ‘mentally’ ill. He was demonstrating distinct autistic traits and attending a special school. He isn’t safe unattended in his own home for any length of time and he swears and attacks people continually. He is very anxious and he has disrupted sleep.

All his ‘diseases’ are seen by conventional doctors as unconnected.
Under homeopathic treatment, we have seen him moving back through his symptoms as he heals. Gradually his mental-emotional symptoms have improved, his asthma has begun to improve and his eczema has returned. This is a great sign for a homeopath to see. We know his case is moving in the right direction. His body is winning the battle to push its imbalance outward to the skin. When eczema returned his mother used steroid cream and his asthma worsened and his behavioural improvements relapsed. We repeated his remedy & he began to improve again. Currently, she is using non-suppressive, soothing applications for his eczema (emollient cream and Stellaria/Chickweed cream) and the eczema is gradually moving lower down the body and out to the fingers and toes … finally, to disappear, we hope.  If he had started homeopathic treatment for his eczema, he would not have had to go through the stages of ill health he’s been through. Thankfully, I frequently treat children with eczema that hasn’t been complicated in this way.

A Typical Ascending Case:

If you read ‘Helen’s Case’ … a case of autoimmune hypothyroidism returning to health via asthma – treated with homeopathy, you will be able to spot Helen returning through the old symptoms she acquired as a child as she begins to heal from her hypothyroidism.   You’ll be able to see her problems moving toward less essential systems as her body begins to win the battle.

Helen’s is a similar case of steroid suppression, with very different outcomes because she has a family predisposition to autoimmune hypothyroidism rather than mental health problems, but she was beginning to show signs of mental symptoms such as brain fog and memory loss and emotional symptoms such as apathy.
Now she uses no medication for hypothyroidism and has regained her energy, vital heat, mental function, menstrual cycle, ovulation & night vision (this was the first thing she reported had come back and she’d not even mentioned it to me!)

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