From Alopecia hair loss to Healthy Hair With Homeopathy

Possible Causes

You don’t need me to start this post telling you how horrible hair loss is. It’s obvious, and as I’ve suffered hair loss and reversed it too, I’ll get straight to the point and give you my insights into what may be causing your hair loss and what we can do to bring back your beautiful hair.

Grief, Stress or Trauma

Grief, stress or trauma can trigger alopecia, [no scientifically proven causal relationship as yet with autoimmune alopecia areta, only suggestive].
Grief, stress or trauma are useful conditions to mention as they can lead to the right homeopathic remedy being located for your hair loss.
A physical or emotional shock can loosen hair, with overall thinning & may also trigger autoimmune alopecia areta with a more patchy hair loss pattern.

Relating to Grief.

Prolonged Anxiety & Chronic Stress

The following homeopathic remedies have hair loss combined with anxiety and prolonged anxiety:

Aurum metallicum, Ignatia, phosphoric acid, staphysagria, baryta carb, carbo veg, silica, lycopodium, etc.

Mentioning your mental state is very useful in selecting remedies for hair loss, especially if your hair loss is worse during times of high anxiety. Mention any other symptoms that come on with your anxiety too.

It’s well known that high levels of anxiety can effect your stomach, but they can also effect your hormones by creating a phenomenon called ‘pregnenolone steal’. In this process, the hormone building ingredient pregnenolone is used to produce extra cortisol [stress hormone] in preference to thyroid hormones, other adrenal hormones, reproductive hormones and anti-diuretic hormone. When this is the case, you may see some degree of:

  • hypothyroidism [hair loss is one of the earliest signs of this disorder].
  • poor fertility [as a result of lack of reproductive hormones]
  • disrupted menstrual cycles [ie, early peri-menopause],
  • recurrent night waking to pee [as a result of lack of anti-diuretic hormone]
  • ‘adrenal fatigue’ symptoms [as a result of a lack of adrenal hormones].

This [& the related hair loss] can be resolved with homeopathy by

  • resolving the tendency to anxiety and stress.
  • rebalancing the hormones.

Thyroid and Hair Loss Continued …

Hair loss is one of the earliest signs of thyroid disease as the body preserves thyroid hormones for important organs.
In hypothyroidism, your hair follicles lack adequate stimulation from thyroid hormones and your hair stops growing & can start falling out. 
Hypothyroidism can be caused by hormonal imbalance or autoimmunity [Hashimoto’s disease]. This disorder can be effectively treated with homeopathy, resulting in hair regrowth.

You can see characteristic patterns of hair loss with thyroid disorders, not just on the head but also the eyebrows, particularly the tail end [lateral half] of your eyebrows:


Hair falling out from eyebrows.

In my personal experience, thuja was the remedy that caused my hair to regrow to its original thickness and my eyebrows to return. :-). Very shortly after I had thuja I noticed no hair in my hair brush then I began to feel short stubble growing all over my scalp and gradually that hair grew out to a bob and I could cut all my hair to match. Now, I have hair like I had in my 20s! Also, my eyebrows grew back in at the tails and I no longer had to draw them in.
I suffered from many more symptoms that were resolved by thuja [hyperthyroidism and goitre in my case], but I was really pleased to see my hair no longer falling out and now regrowing as it was getting very see-through.

Autoimmunity: Alopecia areata

With alopecia areata, your body damages the hair follicles themselves, causing the hair to fall out in patches. [You can also see patchy hair loss with ringworm. This will also usually include skin scales and eruptions. It can also be treated with homeopathy].
Although autoimmune alopecia is ‘incurable’ there is a lot that homeopathy can do to correct the action of the immune system overall as in itself homeopathy works by stimulating the immune system to rebalance and carry out the healing that is then seen. There are no conventional medications that can cause this rebalancing, and those that are effective work by suppressing the action of the immune system. A lack of conventional medications for healing the immune system doesn’t mean that your body can’t sort the problem [occasionally itself, as seen with spontaneous remissions] with the help of homeopathy.

Hair fall pattern: Patchy
Hair falling from different sections of the head.

After birth

Hair loss can be nutritionally based, hormonal or due to shock or trauma after birth. Pregnancy and birth can put enough strain on the body to trigger predispositions, and imbalance emotions, hormones and minerals [like iron deficiency anemia, which can cause hair loss itself]. Homeopathy for alopecia after delivery of a baby will focus on looking at your mental emotional state, your nutritional state and many other symptoms as well as your hair loss.

Hair Falling out After Birth

Restoring Hair Nutrients

Your hair requires nutrients from proteins, vegetables & healthy fats.
Focus on nutrients that provide the ingredients for building and strengthening hair. Your body needs to make collagen and elastin which are vital to hair growth.  But you also need to ensure you get enough iron so that your follicles are well fed with oxygen.

Some of the best nutrients for nourishing hair are biotin, silicon and choline. Also other B vitamins, vitamin D, and iron.

Choline: [ie from sunflower lecithin] is also used to create betaine to clean the liver, so very good all round. Many of us are deficient in choline today.

Biotin is an essential B vitamin found alongside choline in sunflower seeds and eggs, etc. These two are often found together and are both essential for protein production.

You can see the homeopathic remedy silica high up in the hair loss homeopathic remedy list below. It may work by helping your body assimilate enough silica to promote hair health.
The good thing is that there are 187 or more homeopathic remedies documented to help hair loss. However, you need help to differentiate which if these is most suitable for you.

Note some of the nutritional minerals you see lurking in that list above [like calc [calciums], ferr [iron], kalis [potassiums], magnesium carb, phosphoruses, sulphurs, silicas & zinc ]. This indicates their importance for hair growth.

One of the best ways to get most of these nutrients is through bone broths: Rich in collagen, amino acids, proteins, gelatin, and minerals, in a form that is very bioavailable and gut nurturing.

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