Fevers, Vaccines, Autoimmunity & Childhood Illnesses*

I’m gearing up for a month of study leave and today I’m reading about fevers and vaccines and started reading Thomas Cowan’s ‘Vaccines, Autoimmunity & the changing nature of childhood Illnesses.

“Medicine, and in particular modern pediatrics, must take a step back and reevaluate the way it understands and treats children who are sick. A sick child with a fever is not having an emergency. She is going through a valuable learning process, which if continually thwarted will undermine her sacred quest to build a strong body, mind, and immune system for her long journey ahead. Parents and the physicians who care for our children need to throw off the fear-based understanding of acute illnesses that permeates today’s medical culture.”

Dr. Thomas Cowan: Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness .

Why I’m Supporting Fevers over Vaccines

I’ve blogged before about the issue with suppressing fevers and preventing all childhood diseases, so I’m interested in getting immersed in this book. I’m also interested in how alternative measures [diet, different forms of homeopathy, etc] could protect children from the dangers of both infectious and chronic diseases, rather than sacrificing our children to chronic diseases in an attempt to prevent them from the dangers of infectious ones.

Fevers not Vaccines are Crucial to Your Child’s Future Health.

It’s beginning to be increasingly clear that conventional medicine is headed down the wrong route in its treatment of infectious disease in children, but getting health authorities to admit this and turn the tanker around is a gargantuan task. They’d have to admit they are wrong, change their funding structure, stand up to strong lobbies from a pharmaceutical industry they have come to depend upon for information, research & financial assistance.
What will it take to turn the tanker?
What can you do in the meantime?
Support fever not vaccines.

Treating Fevers Naturally with Homeopathy. Free Fever Remedy Chart.

I’ll be making further posts on this subject as I read, so stay tuned.

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