Fatty Liver Treatment – Homeopathy & Food Plan

Fatty liver treatment for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease can be very effective with homeopathy and there are some key dietary and lifestyle interventions that I’ll describe later in this article. I’ll also teach you how to gently put it all together to clean up your liver and your life.

Advantages of Homeopathy.

Rather than sending you to one specialist for your fatty liver, another for your diabetes & a third for your hypertension [etc], homeopathy is a holistic practice that addresses all your issues at once by finding a single remedy to stimulate your body to correct the hormonal and metabolic imbalances underpinning your health problems as well as any sleep issues, cravings or stress tendencies.


Intervention 1: Homeopathy

Homeopathy wise, the top remedy is phosphorus but there will be more remedies and they will only really work if they match the person holistically. I’m very happy to offer to consultation. I know quite a lot about this disorder as I am a homeopath and I also have a double PEMT mutation myself, so it is a point of interest.

Genetic Mutations – PEMT

If you have been told you have fatty liver or Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease [NAFLD], ask your doctor to check for the PEMT genetic mutation. [You can go ahead and get this done yourself through a saliva test]. It’s one of the causes of fatty liver and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. This mutation means you’ll struggle to convert choline to betaine in order to clear fat from your liver. Chronic choline deficiency won’t help either, if you’re not efficient at converting it.

Intervention 2: Choline

fatty liver treatment choline

Add choline in the form of sunflower lecithin at the rate of about 1 tsp a day to ensure you don’t have a deficiency. You can particularly benefit from this if you experience stomach pain with fatty foods.
Choline can also be found in eggs.
Other choline rich foods.

Intervention 3: Beets & Cooked Spinach Provide Betaine.

betaine fatty liver treatment

https://draxe.com/nutrition/what-is-betaine/ – this link explains the action of betaine and why it is essential for liver and heart health.
Eat beets and cooked spinach daily as a direct source of dietary betaine [without the necessity to metabolise choline]. This is especially important if you have PEMT or a double PEMT mutation like I do!

Intervention 4: Herbal supplements

fatty liver treatment dandelion

Milk thistle, and dandelion both have a liver cleaning function. Bitter greens are good for stimulating bile production and bile is our liver cleaning friend.

Intervention 5: Soluble & Insoluble Fibre

fatty liver treatment beans

Focus on foods that have high fibre.

1. Soluble fibre [beans if you can tolerate them, for example.]
Soluble fibre traps bile in the digestive tract and takes it out with your bowel movements. Bile contains the toxins and minerals your liver is attempting to send out of the body. If you have a diet low in soluble fibre [and/or constipation], bile plus toxins & waste minerals will be reabsorbed and return to the liver. This can cause a build up of toxins and of minerals in the gallbladder and liver, leading to bile slurry and/or stones. Dirty bile cannot carry out its function of cleaning the liver.

2. Insoluble fibre not only cleans the intestines but also speeds up digestive transit, ensuring your bowel movements leave your body at a regular pace, taking toxins and waste minerals from the liver with them.

Intervention 6: Cut Sugar, Fast Breakdown Carbs & Particularly Fructose.

fatty liver treatment sugar

Consumption of table sugar [sucrose] and of carbohydrate foods that quickly break down to glucose raise the blood sugar. Your body will then produce insulin to force the body to store the excess sugar as fat. This fat builds up in preference within the liver first and then out to the fat cells.
Fructose [ie, high-fructose corn syrup], found in fruits, has to be processed by the liver before it can be broken into blood sugar. If you have high blood sugar, your body will automatically store fructose instead of converting it to glucose to provide blood sugar. Sugars are stored as fats [and to some extent as glycogen in the muscles.]

Intervention 7: Sleep.

fatty liver treatment sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the major causes of obesity in children and can contribute strongly in adults, also leading to higher blood sugar levels.
During sleep our liver converts fat to glycogen, which is stored in our muscles for instant muscular energy.

Intervention 8: Exercise

fatty liver treatment exercise

You already know you need this. You need exercise alongside a lower carb diet to lower insulin resistance –> to lower the fat levels in your liver.
Start very gently.

How To Make Changes: Kaizen.

It’s an American productivity invention from WWII, aimed at optimising production whilst many adult men were away fighting on the front in Europe. It was exported to Japan after the war and named Kaizen. Now it is more commonly seen as a Japanese thing. Workers were asked to continuously find small productivity improvements and integrate one of those small change at a time. This is an excellent way to change your diet, get yourself exercising and introduce healthy sleep and stress relief habits. Don’t try to change all at once as it is likely to backfire and make you feel overwhelmed, reluctant and deprived.

  • Build up your exercise gradually. Park a little further from the shops. Take the stairs not the lift. Take the dog an extra 5 mins from home. Gradually, build up stamina and keep extending a little more until you are actively enjoying exercise & doing it for fun & relaxation.
  • When you shop, replace one item a week with something much healthier. Make these small, incremental changes for the whole family as we are all suffering from 1st world malnutrition and diet and lifestyle based diseases are the main killers. Teach your children whilst young and they will take these healthy practices into adulthood.
  • Add one supplement food [choline, beets, spinach, etc] a week and let them become a normal part of your diet.

    Get used to adding or subtracting one thing before adding or subtracting another. Don’t rush and if you are feeling the pinch or the pain, slow down a little until you are comfortable making the change.


If you have physical symptoms of liver inflammation or colic you can try the suggestions I’ve made and monitor these symptoms. Diet won’t necessarily bring an instant improvement and it may take a month or more if you have severe fatty liver.

Homeopathy can help straight away with symptoms and pain. Longterm, homeopathy deals with the tendency of your body to accumulate fat in this way and helps to balance blood sugar, hormones and toxins.

It’s very important to get some homeopathic treatment soon. Get help with pain [liver and gall colic] & also clear the congestion. You can book in at top of page.

Associated Problems: high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Fatty liver tends to lead to high blood pressure as the blood can’t pass easily through a fatty, congested liver. It also tends to extend to the gallbladder, causing gall colic [as discussed] and can lead to fatty congestion of the pancreas, effecting insulin action (potentially showing as type 2 diabetes). Thus, if you have these issues they may resolve with liver cleaning also. Part of ‘metabolic disease’ that causes fatty liver also contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes.

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