Emily’s Life after Endometriosis & PCOS..

It is possible to be free from Endometriosis & PCOS.

Emily suffered from endometriosis and PCOS.
Born 9 weeks premature, she had a LOT of steroids and antibiotic treatment to save her life, but her health was poor. From age 4, she cared for her sick, overbearing father whilst her mother worked multiple jobs.

She came to me, aged 34, for help with panic attacks & emotional problems.
She’d been diagnosed 25-years with severe period pain due to endometriosis & PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).
She’d avoided periods for the last 4 years by becoming pregnant again quickly & her panic attacks and anxiety increased as she neared the point where her periods might return. She felt a strong fear that it would be unmanageable & had a hatred of her period from the start.

Endometriosis & PCOS Link with Deep Emotional Feelings

Emily started her period age 9.  She bled so heavily she would flood, which led to shame in school & in front of her father. She had terrible pain and developed endometrial adhesions in ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel and abdominal cavity, and cysts in both ovaries.

In a follow-up consultation, she recounted her 9-year-old feelings:

“My life is ending!”

I’d spent my childhood caring for my father, and now my childhood was properly over. I hated my period from the start.

Emily’s mother & grandmother entered menopause at 39, showing a family predisposition to hormone imbalance. Emily had testosterone levels 3 times higher than average, very high oestrogen & very low progesterone. She carried the grief of 6 painful miscarriages.

We started with Aconite to address panic attacks & they stopped. She lost her terror of the dark and she felt more connected and energetic. She felt less anxious about her children’s safety and about the future.

Strong feelings of anger and abandonment surfaced.  She gradually began to process her feelings and to feel forgiveness toward her father, who had been aggressive & shaming. She even had pleasant dreams about him.
She had the return of pimples from her teenage years & found she could air things without feeling timid.
During this month she had some ovarian pain and the sensation of a large ‘pop’ as one of her cysts burst. Then the pain was gone. She also had vivid dreams, reviewing events from a previous marriage & felt able to release some of the associated pain and fear. She wept heavily & then felt much stronger.

Her old cystitis returned. It cleared up quickly and the next time we spoke I saw she had moved more solidly into a state that pointed to Magnesium carb.

After Magnesium carb her feeling of abandonment improved markedly & she felt more certain of her children’s safety. Her period returned. The pain was manageable without painkillers, barely ¼ of what it had been. She’d previously been bedridden during periods and in considerable pain for a week either side.
This was the point at which she remembered how periods had been associated with ‘her life ending’.
The improved pain levels indicated that her endometriosis & PCOS were improving but Emily had migraine symptoms with sickness and an intense bearing down sensation. These were old symptoms returning and I gave her Lachesis.

The following month, Emily had the first pain-free period of her life. <3

If you’d like to use homeopathy to resolve endometriosis, period pain, PCOS, panic or emotional issues book with me to discuss treatment.  I treat patients internationally via video call.

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