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I had 10 cases today, all via Skype or Messenger: 

Case 1 [UK]: Ongoing case of 4 year old girl born with an encephalocele, suffering with hydrocephalus [with shunts fitted].   She has severe convulsive seizures and recently managed to get funding for a seizure monitor.  Just before the monitor was received she seized very badly in her sleep, resulting in a stroke and after emergency medication was left with full right-sided paralysis.  After an emergency appointment just a week or two ago I prescribed her causticum 30c daily in water [indicated to one sided paralysis after seizures].  When I saw her today she was walking again and smiling at me, offering me a left handed ‘high-five’.  She still has some paralysis of the right hand and her right eye squint is more marked.  However, over the past year of treatment her development has come along beautifully and she has been less susceptible to chest colds this year, recovered well with homeopathic treatment from whooping cough earlier this year.  Her seizures have not so far responded to homeopathic remedies, but are likely caused by structural factors with her brain. 

Case 2 [UK]: Ongoing case of 1 year old with a bad cough and nasal drainage which wouldn’t clear after a cold.  [He came to me at 11 days old after IV antibiotics for an unexplained fever.  He had developed terrible colic which we resolved with chamomilla.  Next, he exploded into a full body eczema which became infected with thrush.  We’ve had fun and games healing his eczema, but made headway with Hilery Dorien’s 21 day Morgan Bach protocol.   The steroid creams he also uses have resulted in asthma.  He is able to use very little cream now.]  His asthma & cough are now gone after calc sulph 30c daily for a few weeks [repeated due to his daily steroid cream use].  He is no longer struggling with catarrh.  There is some further improvement to his eczema.  Raised calc sulph to 200c.  Mum planning to wean him entirely off the steroid cream, substituting with an emollient cream. 

Case 3 [UK]: Ongoing case of 65 year old woman with hypothyroidism, depression and a very itchy skin rash on her chest.  This patient is on our Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism study. In September she had Lycopodium 200c, 2 doses for one day. She’s done very well.  She reported today that her rash was SO much better.  We started her on morgan bach 30c for 21 days to try to recover her gut balance.  We should see results from this protocol in 8 weeks from starting.  [This is a good protocol for clearing thrush infection and has great impact on children with leaky gut.  It is indicated by candida infection, history of antibiotics, and symptoms of congestion such as constipation.] Winter is her time for being depressed and she has been doing very well emotionally.  Today we changed to a single dose of lycopodium 1M. She has not been able to reduce her thyroid supplements to date, so I suspect we have some more work to do.  

Case 4 [UK]: 34 year old woman with ME/Chronic Fatigue.  She’s been doing really well.  Her pain levels, “jelly legs”, nausea and “brain fog” are greatly improved.  She’s been under treatment for about 1 year, with remedies arg nit, selenium and gelsemium.  Today she reports that she’s doing better after gelsemium and her old symptom of asthma is returning.  Her asthma started after steroid cream treatment for eczema as a child.  With more treatment we expect to see the asthma leave and the eczema return … and the final job is to heal the eczema [rather than suppress it with steroids].  When we see patients heal we see return of old symptoms.  It is a very good sign and we expect to see people go back through their medical history experiencing a milder version of their old ailments [want to know more?]

Case 5 [UK]: Ongoing case of 6 year-old boy with ASD after MMR.  He is recovering very well from autism.  He’s made great gains with tarentula hisp and phosphorus.  Today we started a homeopathic detox of the MMR [using child vaccine B combination and Ton Jansen’s methods].  

Case 6 [UK]: New case of 7 year-old girl with repeated UTI symptoms since starting school 2.5 years ago.  After recent testing [due to no improvement with antibiotics] the doctor says she has no bacteria in her bladder and there is nothing that can be done to help her.  She is up two nights a week at midnight for an hour sitting on the toilet in great pain.  She has a very urgent stinging and constant urge to pee.  She is a ‘people-pleaser’ with sudden rages at home, after which she feels very guilty.  She is low in self-confidence and doesn’t stand up for herself in school.   Otherwise, she has a high level of health, with the ability to produce great fevers.  I prescribed staphisagria 1M, single dose.  

Case 7 [USA]: New request to treat 6 year-old boy with PANS like behaviour changes.  Never been well since Mycoplasma pneumonia. Booked for February 2016.

Case 8 [USA]: Ongoing case of 8 year-old boy with hyperhidrosis, some levels of developmental immaturity and a strong tendency to take cold.  After veratrum album he has stopped sweating so strongly from his hands and feet.  His finger tips are still occasionally wrinkled but the skin on his hands and feet no longer peels & he can grip things whilst playing/working.  He is now able to focus for home school and is making good educational gains.  Also, he had a cold lately and went down with it last in the family, milder than the others and cleared it faster!   He’s working on a growth spurt. 

Case 9 [USA]: Ongoing case of 40 year-old woman with adrenal fatigue & depression.  She is part of our Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism.  She has regained energy, her mood is much better and her skin rashes are improving.  Today she reported feeling positive and more able to cope despite stressful situations.  She is less tearful than she was, less angry & less burned out.  Despite sleeping lightly at the moment and waking often, she is about to do what she needs to do in the day.  We decided to work on her gut balance with a bowel nosode now that she is more settled.  She has a history of recurrent thrush infection.

Case 10 [USA]:  New case of 20 year old man with heavy sighing, dissatisfaction/sadness & fear of people.  Prescribed calc phos 10M.  

Fruitful day.  I also received some great messages today.  

From mum of a 11 year-old boy with ASD/PANS:

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