Cuts, Grazes & Puncture Wounds..

FirstStop the bleeding:  Ideas here.

Next: clean it.

Oregano oil in water in a spray bottle is painless, antiseptic and great for this job. Avoid colloidal silver as silver can cause Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.
Be sure to use nothing than has lint [cotton wool for example] to clean the wound. You don’t want the wound to keep erupting to chuck out lint or gravel.  Be sure it is good and clean.

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Anti-tetanus’ homeopathy style

If it is a puncture wound that’s gone quite deep, ensure it bleeds a bit [aerate the wound] and give Ledum 30c 3 times over the day.

Pain killing & wound cleaning, homeopathy style

hypericum 30c in a homeopathic solution.  Give a few sips every 5 mins until the pain is better [no more than 5 doses though].  If the pain eases at all, stop giving doses.  If the pain starts up again … start the max 5 doses again.

How to make a homeopathic solution.

Healing, homeopathy style

Give calendula 200c morning and night for one day.  If you see any redness around the wound or it starts to look infected, gets warm etc, repeat the 2 doses of calendula 200c.

Keep it dry & clean.  Try not to keep it under a plaster. Let the air get to it.  Get stitches if you need stitches of course.

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