Children with Anxiety: Homeopathic Care & Nurturing Strong Connection *

Coming up in this article, homeopathy for: separation anxietygeneralised anxiety; post traumatic stress; school phobia & OCD. 

Children with anxiety benefit from homeopathic care.   Anxiety in children has the potential to significantly limit life & development so resolving it is a top priority.  Childhood is the time to deal with such anxiety so normal development & freedom can be gained as early as possible.

Right now, with self-isolations of families worldwide, and schools closed, it is good to grab the bull by the horns and deal with your child’s anxiety before they need to readjust to returning to school and your absence.
They are likely to have developed some more anxiety about leaving home and feeling safe during the coronavirus as they are surrounded with caution messages.

This kind of homeopathic care is ‘constitutional’ and is something that can be handled very successfully by a homeopath. See here to find out why.

Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic care for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient when they return to school after coronavirus.

Parenting that prioritises connection, alongside homeopathic care for anxiety can enable children to be more resilient in situations that create disconnection and stress, like the current coronavirus upheaval.  
This can help with school refusal / school phobia, or in enabling a child to take part in activities and opportunities they might not have been able to access.  Right now, these issues will be resolved by self-isolation, but preparing children for the disruption of returning to school in future is our current job.
The education system is not a perfect environment for some children, but gaining more resilience can enable them to fare as well as others.

Anxiety may be ‘obvious’ or may present with signs ranging from obsessive compulsive behaviours, sleep problems (insomnia, nightmares, etc), irritability, inattention, physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, etc and erratic or excessive reactions.

Separation anxiety

is characterised by clinging to parents and reluctance to separate. This is normal in young children, but may cause a difficulty for older children who wish (*legal notes) or need to be in school.  It can be one of the reasons for school refusal / school phobia. The child may be able to talk about the reasons for feeling anxious, depending on age and language skills, and individual levels of awareness and trust.  Homeopathy may help with feelings of loss, a tendency to separation anxiety and with healing after difficult events.  It cannot remove a bully but it may enable the child to be more resilient and more able to talk about it.

Generalised anxiety

is characterised by excessive worry and anxiety across a variety of situations that does not seem to be the result of identified causes. Homeopathic care is intended to give children freedom from this condition and enable them to develop and explore in comfort.

Post-Traumatic Stress 

can occur after traumatic experiences or frights, but may come about as a build up of smaller events in which the child feels in peril or feels others are in peril.  Symptoms may include anxiety or panic attacks, outbursts of rage and feelings of reliving the experience.  These are often the simplest types of anxiety to deal with homeopathically as the nature of the event and the response can give important clues to a homeopathic remedy.  🙂

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Social phobia

is excessive fear and anxiety about being in social situations, such as in groups and crowds.  Fears and phobias frequently respond beautifully to homeopathic care. (*legal notes)

Obsessive-compulsive disorder 

includes repetitive thoughts that are difficult to control (obsessions) or the uncontrollable need to repeat specific acts, such as hand washing or placing objects in the same arrangement (compulsions).    Again, there are specific remedies for OCD.

If you have a child who suddenly develops OCD or intense anxiety, you may want to read about a condition called PANS [Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome]. It’s an autoimmune condition which is so far not treatable with conventional medicine. I have seen good improvements for children under constitutional homeopathic care.

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Elective Home Education is legal in many countries and in the UK there is no requirement to ask permission to home educate or to have your provision monitored.  There are many support groups in the UK, found easily through a google search.  Though not the solution for everyone, it can be a good solution for some and a great interim measure for others.

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