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I’ve had the time to write two new courses in the last few weeks, as Coronavirus has slowed down my routine appointments.
You’ll find my Teachable school here: https://homeopathic-courses.teachable.com.
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teeth healing

If you or your child have substantial tooth decay, gum disease or repeated abscessing Book A Teeth Healing Program with me.*
We can transform your tooth health!
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teeth healing

Filled teeth have a future of refilling every decade at least due to the finite life time of filling material … which means you will lose tooth tissue each time it is drilled & refilled. Eventually, you will lose every tooth that you fill.
Homeopathy can offer remarkable results for tooth healing and decay prevention, as well as being effective in extreme cases such as brittleness of teeth and rapid decay. Book Now. Read more

This page will provide you with remedy suggestions for tooth abscesses and a free chart to deal fast with tooth pain, without side effects.  Read on … Abscess: The most usual remedy I’ve found is hepar sulph [UK, USA].  A single dose of 200c is often enough. If it returns you canRead more

Coming up in this article …..  Homeopathy for tooth decay; Remedies for Caries in Children; dietary adjustments and additions for prevention and repair of teeth. I’ve added many valuable resource links throughout this article, to make it a practical ‘go to’ for healing and preventing tooth decay, so you may wish to bookmarkRead more