mercury detox

If you know someone with mercury toxicity or injury from vaccines [most vaccines had mercury removed since 2000 but there are some exceptions, particularly multi-dose vaccine vials such as flu] … Suggest they talk to me about mercury and/or vaccine detoxes with homeopathy. Hits: 1Read more

Heavy metals contribute to sensory and language issues like those seen frequently in autism.  Homeopathy can address metal toxicity safely and efficiently, but there may be other safe and effective ways too.  The more the merrier & maybe there is a place for them to work together! Here I amRead more

autism pans

Autism & PANS A.N.  Female.  14 years.  Ghana, Africa. Featured Photo by Wadi Lissa on Unsplash 1st Appointment: Before A.N. came to me for homeopathy she’d been to a number of homeopaths: Classical, sequential, Heilkunz [some detox], & ‘hermetic’ protocol [not strictly homeopathic as uses herbs]. She had some relief of OCD butRead more

pandas strep tonsillitis

When PANDAS Treatment Begins *Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep* New Patient: A.G. Female. Age 5. UK.  A.G. is having recurrent tonsillitis and the start of PANDAS. She has permanently inflamed glands in the throat. Each episode is getting worse and antibiotics haven’t helped.  She’s beginning to exhibit ‘PANDAS’ likeRead more

About Cancer Cancer is an immune system disease.We have cancer all the time but ‘cancer’ happens when your immune system can no longer clear and control cancerous cells.If you use chemo, radiotherapy & steroids to push active cancer into remission your immune system is weakened massively.  If you go into remission,Read more