The more I use & read about homeopathy, the more I suspect there is something more straight-forward about it than we think. Using the substance that’s causing the problems, in nano-dilutions [a homeopathic potency], seems to enable the body to overcome illness caused by those substances [toxin, bacterium, virus]. UsingRead more

Let’s Avoid Antibiotics with First Aid for Coughs! I’ve been meaning to add a first aid page with a coughs chart but have been too busy to do so and now, why reinvent the wheel?  My colleague Paula Webb has written one that it unsurpassable so I’m going to link toRead more

I’m actually considering calling this post “Killing Me Softly”.  It’s principally about steroid side effects, but I’m not drawing attention to just these drugs. Your Immune System’s Warfare Tactics. I visualize our immune system like a series of defensive concentric walls set up around a citadel: The Citadel: Our immune systemRead more