Autism: Advice for Parents..

Whatever therapy you are doing … stick with it for a good length of time. Staying power and consistency are so important. Jumping around won’t get you anywhere. You’ll dismiss things that might have worked for not having tried them long enough and not stick with anything long enough for it to work, leaving you floundering. 

Decide what you are going to do this year and stay with it. Plan it out carefully & then have self-discipline.

It is so hard to stay consistent because you are in a hurry to see gains for your child NOW before they get much older and miss more developmental milestones. The tendency can be to leap from one therapy to another … but that will get you nowhere. <3

Sometimes, I see patients not return when they are having great gains.  They have gone off to do another therapy despite the great results they are having.  I understand how the lure of another therapy and a ‘magic bullet’ can entice you and put you on auto-pilot, searching and searching.

The children I see that recover beautifully are the ones that have consistent treatment, whatever that treatment might be.  In my case it is homeopathy 🙂

I thought to write this today because I just got a message from the mother of a boy I have been treating for about 1.5 years and we are making great headway this month with the last of his problems.  These problems are now getting to be quite minor.  He graduated elementary nicely last year, despite the odds, having made great gains.  He’s done so well. Now we have been looking for some more motivation and a little less silliness.  Since his last remedy they are seeing great academic concentration just in time for his exams.  Very pleasing.

I had to congratulate his parents.  They have stuck with it.  They have had great self-discipline and consistency and they will have seen the benefit for their son.

Link: Graduating Against the Odds.

If you want to try homeopathic remedies for your autistic child, book in below.

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  1. Autistic daughter 12 years old

    Anxiety and temperament issues require support and advice to treat with homeopathy.
    Speech and lack of independent self help skills.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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