“I’d wake unable to breathe, gasping, holding my throat”..

Tessa suffered overwhelming anxiety since as a child

I’d be lying in bed as a little girl, replaying something that didn’t work out, knees trembling.

Since all the stuff over the years, I love to be by myself when it is quiet. This is a change. I think I liked to help others and be around them, to laugh and be silly. I was lonely by myself, but since kids, life changed drastically.

My panic attacks began when I was in the hospital. I had them occasionally before that & I’d been hiding them from my husband. I was asleep when the panic attack came.  I’d wake unable to breathe, gasping, holding my throat, trying to relax to try to breathe, with palpitations and sweating buckets.

When she came to be part of the Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroidism study, she was burned out and struggling with exhaustion, anxiety & arthritic pain.
Tessa reported at our first meeting:

I forced myself to walk yesterday and I have fluid coming above both knee caps after.  My finger is very swollen and purple. This right hand had problems many times. My tendons atrophy fast. They can’t bend anymore. I can’t bend it because I haven’t bent it for so long. Over the years I’ve had these swollen joints in the same arm, wrist, then thumb, middle, then ring finger, then the first finger. I’ve also had shoulder problems. I couldn’t raise my right arm for 6 months.

Tessa had her first remedy early August 2016.  21st September she wrote to me:

I’ve always tried to hide my tears from my kids that follow being overwhelmed. Well I read something a minute ago that made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face…lol.. scared my daughter, she was concerned I was crying. Nope! Not today 🙂

Sometimes when I’m treating a deep, emotional problem, a physical problem will return or get worse.  This is a good sign of healing.  This did happen to Tessa.  Her joint pains got worse for a while, but now she has the benefit of the improved anxiety and her joints are freeing up and the pain is far better.  I know for sure she was fitting a shelf in her children’s upper bunk bed on Thursday, having climbed the ladder!
Her message today reads …

The remedy that suited Tessa so well was phosphorus.  It’s a great remedy for a sympathetic and social person who becomes burned out and exhausted.  She’s a lovely person to work with & she has referred so many people to me since she began to see the results!  She wants all her loved ones to benefit, and they are too.

If you suffer anxiety, adrenal fatigue or arthritis I’ll be happy to talk to you about how I can help you too.

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