Allergy Treatment naturally Rather Than Antihistamines..


Here’s a free remedy chart for seasonal allergies that you’ll find useful for avoiding antihistamines.
It is a great idea to avoid antihistamines if you can.  Many have been implicated in liver damage and other side-effects and you don’t want to be reliant on them.  They often do a half-job and come with drowsiness and other immediate disadvantages.

The very best treatment is to come for homeopathic treatment that will not just eliminate symptoms, but the susceptibility.  

What Homeopathy Can Do: Social Proof.

I’m going to pepper you with a few testimonials to show you what my patients see is possible. 

I also want to warn you about throwing a lot of indiscriminate homeopathic remedies into your body.  See your homeopath or choose a single remedy that fits best … and if it doesn’t work deeply and stop your allergies … come get a deeper remedy.

I’ll let Afshan’s experience speak for me:

Afshan was lucky in that we knew her constitutional remedy and were able to treat her very quickly & deeply because she is already under treatment.  Her recovery was beautifully fast and transformational.  She didn’t need to keep taking the remedy to keep the results..


Some of the worse allergic rashes develop into eczema and can be very well resolved with homeopathy.  Testimonials here and here & photos … for eczema.
There are so many more I need to write up.

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