Adrenal Fatigue & Chronic Stress: LIFESTYLE..


You have reached a state of adrenal fatigue & maybe you’ve made the excellent decision to get help from homeopathy.

It is HIGHLY likely you reached this state due to overload, overwork or high stress.
Homeopathy can help with your tendency to anxiety & to pushing yourself too hard … but you need to address this directly too & change your habits.

“ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES [*insert name] A VERY DULL [*insert gender label]”

  1. Examine what is driving you to work yourself into adrenal fatigue?

You need to look at your thinking around:

  • work
  • duty
  • money
  • self-worth

Watch out for the great time eaters: perfectionism and procrastination.

  • Wednesday is my ‘anti-procrastination’ day.  I head to the top of a list of what I’m avoiding and do at least one of them!  The weight of the tasks you’re avoiding is huge!
  • Take a look at this post from my website for ideas on how to address the types of thinking that drive you to overwork, procrastinate, & suffer perfectionism. ]

“WHOA Horsey!”

It can seem impossible to slow down. My patients have debts to paychildren with additional needsa whole bunch of babies to care for.
There is still room to think outside the box.

  1. Make a list of essential activities and a list of things that can ‘give’ a little. Let go of the things that can give a little. Let them go. Let go of perfectionism whilst you are at it.
  2. Take a regular, fresh look at where you could get support & ways to streamline life. Think outside of the box. Often we have not approached this with an open mind & some inventiveness. We are too busy feeling overwhelmed.

“BUT MY [*insert significant other] IS IN THE SAME BOAT”

It is almost always the way.

  1. Your body can only take healing time when your system is quiet.
    You’ve been building up a massive HEALING DEBT.
  2. Be humane: Don’t use the workhorse for non-essential work!  A humane organisation gives its workhorses rest so that they are ready for the next shift.
  3. Find ways to organize responsibilities so that each adult in the family has a solid 4 hour period of QUIET TIME per week. You need 1.5 hours to begin to switch off your work/responsibilities head. The other 2.5 hours are for pure relaxation.
    Don’t try to do this with family members in the background.
    It doesn’t have to require money.

Please comment below.
Add any forms of support you have found that may not be obvious to others, resources you found that helped with self-worth, ideas of duty, procrastination and perfectionism, etc.

Wishing you a happy ‘Quiet time’.

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