Homeopathy is a holistic method, treating the whole person.


Its aim is to strengthen the whole individual, treating all symptoms, rather than the more traditional system of suppressing single symptoms.


Symptoms are produced by the body’s immune system in response to attacks or to internal imbalances:

  • that are inherited
  • which may surface under stress,
  • which may surface as you age or
  • as a result of suppressive medicines.

Assisting your defences

Under stress, over time or due to suppressive medications, your immune system may no longer have the energy and orderliness to deal with the effects of attacks or inherited predispositions.
Your immune system will try to externalise imbalance, prioritising the higher, essential organs and the higher processes (such as mental health) and pushing disease toward less essential systems and organs … the skin, for example.
Suppressive therapies [like steroids] rid the body of symptoms by overpowering and weakening the immune system.
“Side effects” often result, triggering the deeper weaknesses of the individual.

Homeopathy works by boosting the efforts of the immune system, thus you will probably see a slight increase in your symptoms when you start treatment with a correct remedy, followed by improvement.  The time this process takes will depending upon your level of health & your body’s energy.  If you suffer from deep, chronic problems you may need a number of remedies before your body is able to show a noticeable response and improvement of symptoms.  Persevere!

During effective homeopathic treatment we may see temporary return of old, suppressed conditions on the way toward healing the whole person.
We look for mental and emotional problems to resolve first, whilst physical symptoms may temporarily worsen as the strengthening immune system pushes the imbalance to the less essential areas.  Even so, during recovery you should begin to feel your energy improving, and to feel ‘better’ in yourself.

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