70-80% increased eye contact in 1st month [and 16 ATEC point drop!] #

N is a 2 year old boy who showed no sign of answering his name, took no notice of his siblings and didn’t play with his mum. He has no speech and his parents were unsure if he had any level of comprehension, though his hearing tests were just fine. He showed no attention and seemed to live in his own world. He had an ATEC score of 97 just before we started work.

Regression after vaccines age 1.

N’s mum reports that they saw a clear regression after his vaccines at age 1. He wasn’t talking at this time but he became clearly atypical in his interactions, being almost entirely absent minded. Before age 1 they have videos of him clearly looking and laughing when they filmed him. After age 1 he appeared dazed and disinterested.

High metal toxicity is another possible cause for N.

Hair mineral analysis is a routine test for my patients when they are diagnosed with autism or auto-immune disorders, or we suspect autism.
N hair mineral analysis suggests he has accumulated toxic metals across a full range & it is very clear that he has disruption to his methylation/detox processes, which has likely predisposed him to accumulate aluminium from each of his vaccines as well as from environmental sources. This is most likely a genetic issue for him and he will need help detoxing these metals now and in the future.
The metal he has in greatest quantity in his hair test is arsenic. I’ve not seen an arsenic level that high in another patient.

Remedies for Month 1:

We began in April 2019. We used a single dose of natrum mur 1M [his constitutional remedy]. His parents were very skeptical that one small pill could do anything.
We also did a homeopathic steroid detox to clear the potentially disruptive effect of steroids his mum had before he was born. I will often ask a child to do a steroid detox if either parent has needed steroids in the past. Steroids can produce a powerful suppression of the immune system.

Follow-up after 1 Month

We have just followed up after the first month of N’s homeopathic remedy. Mum reports:

“We’ve seen amazing improvements. We can’t thank you enough!”:

  • ATEC score reduction of 16 points in 1 month!
  • 70-80% improvement in eye contact.
  • Looking at his siblings and noticing them. Wants to engage.
  • Taps mum’s leg and looks up, holds her gaze and then toddles off. He’s clearly enjoying interacting.
  • He’s now aware of his siblings and wants all his mum’s attention to himself. Before he would just play alone, ignoring his family.
  • Playing Peekaboo with mum and will push her hands back to her face to play again.
  • He sustains play with her for much longer.
  • He is making a greater range of sounds and tones and clearly experimenting.
  • Whenever mum sits down he’ll come to her and get in her lap to play.

What is next?

N clearly has a huge scope for recovery. He’s done so well on his first remedies and we haven’t even begun to detox his toxic metals. So there are more gains to come.

How we go about detoxing metals with homeopathy.

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  1. Hi Sally,
    I am a homeopath based in Ireland.
    I get relatively frequent requests through my website for hair analysis.
    I don’t do this kind of analysis and try to be helpful by sending them elsewhere.
    By accident I came across this service on your website and liked what I saw. I would like to be able to refer people to your website to apply for such tests.
    Do you do this kind of testing for someone in Ireland and if so what are the costs and the details involved?

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