When ADD is not Attention Deficit Disorder *

When is an Attention Deficit Disorder, not an Attention Deficit Disorder …

Attention Deficit Disorder diagnosis is forever growing in schools.
And we are medicating children to fit them to a system that may be inadequate for most.
The United Kingdom performs 22nd out of 24 western countries on literacy.
Home educated children outperform their schooled peers by an average 36% points2
even when their education entails no formal lessons!

This joke comes to mind when I think on this subject:

“When’s a door not a door?  When it’s ajar” 

For many children (and adults), sitting still to learn from paperwork is neither interesting nor meaningful.
It is as related to learning as the door appears to be to the jar!
The link between the door and the jar is semantic and abstract.
We see its logic but the child see its logic about as much as he might see the logic in the paperwork education.

The learning context in which ADD is a problem may, in a vast number of cases, be the problem itself, being an anathema to learning for many children.

Children don’t need to be medicated for #add & #adhd. Find out why …

How to be sure your child has Attention Deficit Disorder

A clue that differentiates a clinical disorder from a misalignment of learning style and learning context is whether a child can apply attention to subjects and activities that interest them. If your child is able to focus on their favourite computer game, they are able to direct their attention.

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However, it is a spectrum.  They may not be able to direct their attention well enough to focus on chores and tasks like getting dressed when asked or without getting distracted.  At this point it is a matter of degree and of judgment.

Even in severe cases of ADD & ADHD, AND ESPECIALLY IN SEVERE CASES, medication can only compound the problem and is attended by worrisome side effects that no parent will willingly chose for their child. Suppression is frequently seen to lead to deeper problems with mental and physical health.

Even in severe cases of ADD & ADHD, AND ESPECIALLY IN SEVERE CASES, medication can only compound the problem and is attended by worrisome side effects 

Treat Attention Deficit Disorder, deeply, without side effects …

Homeopathy, on the other hand, is WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS.

When specifically tailored to the individual, it is rapidly successful in enabling the body to restore balance in mental processes [in cases of ADD and ADHD].
These imbalanced mental processes are governed predominantly by hormonal imbalance, and environmental and food sensitivities.

These imbalances are eliminated in the process of holistic homeopathic treatment.

If your child has a level of Attention Deficit that makes it difficult for them to direct their attention, and the problem is not merely a mismatched learning style and learning context, homeopathy can help resolve the situation and enable them to continue with their development.

Unhampered development is key.  Don’t wait.

There is a way forward with Attention Deficit Disorder.

It is one that doesn’t involve suppression, drowsiness or constipation.

It doesn’t involve sacrificing your child’s sparkle for better grades.

It is one that doesn’t wear off after time, needing ever increasing doses.

And it is one that can remove the ADD label and restore the child to health.

If it is a learning context problem, consider home educating!

Click below for a free, no obligation chat about how homeopathy might help your child.

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