Waking 3am? You Need Liver Support..

Are you or your child waking at 3 am recently or long-term … this indicates you need liver support & that whatever is going on right now in your life is taxing your liver.  Slow it down [if it is an intervention] and add in liver support in one of a number of ways.

How you can do Liver Support. 


Be sure to check with your homeopath before taking any remedies if you are already under treatment.

  • The most effective way to support & repair the liver with homeopathy is with a constitutional, deep acting remedy that’s closely matched to you as an individual.  In this form, homeopathy can be truly transformative!
  • Many remedies like Lycopodium, Arsenicum, Phosphorus, Nat mur, Chelidonium and Nux vomica are strongly associated with healing the liver.
  • Traditionally, some homeopaths have used nux vomica and/or Chelidonium in fairly low potencies [12c perhaps] to support the liver with small, fairly frequent doses.  This is not a ‘classical’ method but I’ve seen some efficacy with this during detoxes … stopping the 3 am waking and also alleviating detox symptoms nicely.   When we’ve used these remedies alongside detox the outcomes have usually been better.
  • Some homeopaths also use remedies made from the organ itself to stimulate the regeneration of the liver.

Advantages of Homeopathic Liver Support over Naturopathic.

I want to spell it out first before my next section because there are some very clear advantages to homeopathic liver support.

  1. Homeopathic liver support doesn’t require processing by the liver and thus doesn’t give the liver additional work to do.
  2. Homeopathic remedies cannot cause allergic reactions or side effects.
  3. When used constitutionally, homeopathic remedies can regenerate the liver and offer a deep & holistic immune system transformation.

Naturopathic & Herbal Supports

Though they tax the liver to some extent, nevertheless, naturopathics represent a good option for boosting and supporting liver function.

BioRay: Liverlife Supplement. is one option.  I’ve used it frequently alongside homeopathic detoxes [like toxic metal detoxes for example] for liver support in cases of need and have not seen any interruption of the action of homeopathic remedies.  It usually needs to be introduced slowly.

Any chemical/herbal substance ingested will need to be processed by the liver, so over-supplementing can tax the liver in and of itself & homeopathy is always preferable.  Less is more.

After ACC [Chelation] For Toxic Metals.

Chelation therapies can be really taxing on the liver as well as depleting minerals as they chelate essential minerals as well as toxic metals.  Done carefully, with mineral and adrenal support, chelation can have great results.  But generally, those children I’ve treated who have done many rounds of chelation come to me needing a lot of liver support and constitutionally show a need for ‘liver’ remedies [like lyco, nux vom, nat mur, etc].

Liver & adrenal repair is often needed before we can make much headway with repairing the immune system.

The advantage of homeopathic metal detox is that it is possible to support the liver & adrenals really well at the same time and essential minerals are not depleted.  The liver isn’t taxed so much, nor are the adrenals.  It is a lot more easy to achieve balance as the remedies stimulate the body to correctly balance the metals, including rebalancing low essential minerals and eliminating metals that shouldn’t be present.  There is plenty of clear, scientific evidence for homeopathic metal detox.

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