Virus Detox the Ancient, Natural Way..

Hi folks,

Today I’m giving my body the opportunity to do some detox through one of its most ancient, natural and simple methods.
I am not taking Lemsip or Paracetamol, and I’m not dosing myself up so I can get some work done.  Neither am I gonna do that tomorrow and I didn’t do it yesterday.

Yep!  I’m having a virus detox.  I’ve got a cold/flu thing and I’m letting it do its job. I’m not claiming it’s fun and since I’m not too well I’m gonna leave Midi at Detox International to explain. She does it nicely and has great ideas for what to do instead of heading to the pharmacy counter.

Catching flu or a cold is an attempt by your body to bring balance and harmony back to its entire system and it uses viruses or bacteria to help it stimulate enough energy and movement to clear out unwanted rubbish. This is why we often feel hot when we are ill as heat is generated to enable the movement and elimination of toxins. link

Viruses, of course, can lead to secondary infections if your immune system is somewhat weakened.  Check out my colds and flu page for homeopathic remedies to use if you need some help seeing this off.

When this is going around, treat a cold at the first signs with the correct homeopathic remedy [check the chart in my Colds and Flu Page.] Arsenicum Album 30c single dose daily for 3 days is recommended by the Indian Government to attempt to prevent or short circuit Covid-19.

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