Nano-Zeolites, ACC & Homeopathic Metal Detox Review*

Heavy metals contribute to sensory and language issues like those seen frequently in autism.  Homeopathy can address metal toxicity safely and efficiently, but there may be other safe and effective ways too.  The more the merrier & maybe there is a place for them to work together!

Here I am to give you my review of three methods of metal detox. I’m leaving my favourite to last.

Switch on ‘Do not disturb’ and prepare to take it all in.  Can you contribute more to the review? Experiences or knowledge?  Use the comment box at the bottom.

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1. Nano-Zeolites

Products like TRS contain nano-zeolites right?  Nano-zeolites look to be superior to most chelating agents used in protocols like ACC [Andy Cutler Chelation] and similar methods that utilize acid-based chelating agents like DMSA, DMPS & EDTA.

**** Info on potential problems with acid-based chelating agents … see here ****

I’m a homeopath and we see amazing heavy metal toxicity results with homeopathic metals detox but I love to see other potential solutions too.   More safe ways to detox are needed when we live in a toxic world.  Not everyone will come to one therapy type and the more [safe and effective ones] we have, the greater the chance that many people will get detoxed and heal <3

2. ACC: Andy Cuter Chelation [& acid-based chelating agents].

Serious side-effects associated with acid-based chelators.

Acid-based chelating agents differentiate poorly between toxic metals and essential minerals … they bind-blind!  Their use can lead to low calcium levels and other deficiencies.    ACC protocols come with specific mineral supplementation regimes but how do you ensure the supplements you are using are not instantly bound by the chelating agents and excreted?
Homeopathic metal detox works in an entirely different way as I’ll explain below.

Acid-based chelating protocols are known to put a strain on the liver, adrenal glands, and other organs.  I see this frequently in my homeopathic practice when I’m consulting with autistic children.  I can roughly predict which child has done many rounds of ACC before I ask the question.

These agents are too large to enter the tissues and only detoxify the gut unless used intravenously.
Natural forms can be found in edible plants but they too are only active in the gut.

Acid-based chelating agents don’t bind well enough to heavy metals & can deposit the metals they carry in the bloodstream before exiting the body.   Your body is attempting to clear toxic metals into fat cells, into hair cells, etc to attempt to keep them out of the bloodstream and away from the brain and organs where they can be so damaging.  ACC can bring them into the bloodstream and then drop them, creating quite some symptoms in the process.

If your child has constipation [which is so common with autism], stools containing these chelating agents and their bound metals sit in the bowel where they can become unbound and reabsorbed.   In these circumstances, you see pretty severe ‘toxic symptoms’.  I DON’T like to see these ‘toxic’ symptoms.  You need to slow right down and deal with constipation [homeopathy is great at this] and give the child a chance to catch up with eliminating the toxins.

I’m excited if nano-zeolites can overcome some of these issues.  Maybe they can strongly bind heavy metals mobilized by homeopathic detox so they cannot be reabsorbed or liberated loose into the bloodstream.  The two methods may be compatible together if we can overcome the concerns with nano-zeolites described below.

3. With homeopathic metal detox, we directly target the toxic metals.

Our bodies know what to do with minerals when our bodies are working well. They will eliminate what should be eliminated and assimilate what should be assimilated.

We use minerals [metals] in homeopathic potency to stimulate or challenge the body to correct its handling of those minerals.

ie. Studies of Arsenic detox:

If you have a tendency to accumulate calcium [ie, calcium deposits to the skeleton where they should not be – bone spurs, or under the skin] homeopaths will likely prescribe some form of calcium in homeopathic dilution. If you have poor calcium uptake and assimilation leading to osteopenia or tooth decay etc, they’ll use some form of calcium in an attempt to cause your body to correct its relationship with calcium.

If you accumulate iron and fail to excrete excess they’ll most likely prescribe iron in some homeopathic form. If you are anemic the intervention is almost identical.

If you are low or high in copper, copper in homeopathic dilution can be prescribed in an attempt to balance your copper. Zinc, other essentials.

If you have high arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminium, etc … they’ll prescribe these metals in homeopathic potency to attempt to stimulate the excretion of them. There is a good amount of scientific data going back to the 1940s showing that nano-dilutions of arsenic [homeopathic dilutions] cause the excretion of arsenic to restart after animals have stopped being able to excrete arsenic they had been given [horrid test I agree!] See above.

Frequently, children with autism have high levels of numerous toxic metals and we can use a poly metals detox where this is the case, when necessary.

Potential issues with nano-zeolites

They are often synthetic and don’t have long-range testing for human consumption.

When they are naturally sourced they can come pre-loaded with toxic metals as they are so good at attracting them & locking them in. They can actually contribute to toxicity.  Most are not quality assured or tested for metal toxicity.

The good news:

  • Compared to other chelation agents they don’t have an affinity for calcium and potassium and thus won’t deplete reserves in the way that ACC does. That’s good news indeed.
  • What’s more, they have an affinity for nitrates and some free radicals. 

In conclusion,

homeopathy is a long tried and tested system for metal detox without side effects. It is possible to liberate toxins from the tissues faster than you can eliminate them and this should be avoided, especially if the bowels are constipated. Homeopathy has tools to support organs and bowels during detox to make symptoms of detox less intense. Nano-zeolite treatments may be useful alongside homeopathy if we can establish the safety of them and establish the quality of products based on them.  Meanwhile, ACC comes a very poor 3rd, with poor bonding with metals, an inability to work outside the gut unless used intravenously and serious side-effects.

Most importantly, we need methods to shift toxic metals out for good and enable our children to heal and develop well.

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21 thoughts on “Nano-Zeolites, ACC & Homeopathic Metal Detox Review*”

  1. Its great Sally, Demystifying Homeopathic Medicine is the way forward. Gone are the days of sitting in a queue at a “busy” homeopath’s practice to receive a packet of pills with no name on them!

    Homeopathy is so ready for this type of explaining of what we do and why!!

  2. I am dealing with autistic children in Egypt and i am interested in homeopathic detox but how can i get the good start. Now i am studying functional Medicine and i need support for the know how autism detox

      1. Hello Sally I am also a naturopath and homeopath, my son is six years old and has speech delay and hyperactive. He has vaccine toxicity bcs he regressed at the age of 2.plz suggest me advise about him. Thnx. Samina Munir.

        1. Hi Sam.
          Have you come across homeopathic detox therapy? There’s another similar form you may have heard of called cease. It’s a way in which you can use homeopathic preparations of vaccines to address the side effects and toxins from vaccines.
          It’s worth a look.

  3. We got some gains with 1.5 years of ACC. Couldn’t tolerate nano zeolites. Too much anger! Homeopathy has been a miracle!!!

  4. Hi I have 5 years autistic son, I need to detox him cause he has a vaccine injury. I’m in South Africa. I was prepare to do ACC but I see it have too much work .

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