Tooth decay: Healing Pictures!

Fillings: The first step to losing your tooth. Heal them instead!

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Filled teeth have a future of refilling every decade at least due to the finite life time of filling material … which means you will lose tooth tissue each time it is drilled & refilled. Eventually, you will lose every tooth that you fill. They will end as complex extractions, bridging, root fillings, gaps or implants. Before long tooth stem cells may be available. However, all such treatments are invasive and expensive and can lead to other health risks.

Homeopathy can offer remarkable results for tooth healing and decay prevention, as well as being effective in extreme cases such as brittleness of teeth and rapid decay.

Constitutional Treatment

Constitutional homeopathic remedies have the ability to solve specific problems like a tendency to decay at the gum line, or rapid and extreme decay in children. They can also resolve issues like discolouration, hypersensitivity, a tendency to root death and abscessing.

Tissue salts for tooth decay: Prevention and Healing.

Tissue salts are low potency homeopathic remedies that can be used to help balance assimilation of minerals, sooth pain and deal with inflammation.
Tissue salts can safely be used from birth and are beneficial during pregnancy.
For best results, pair tissue salt treatments with some great dietary enhancements.

Tooth Decay:
Doses should be given in homeopathic solution for best results. This limits the amount of sugar given [the tablets themselves are sucrose based] and shaking the remedy raises the potency ever so slightly each dose, presenting the body a new homeopathic stimulus.

  • For ongoing tooth decay give a dose 2 times daily.
  • For maintaining teeth [& healed teeth] dose 1 times daily [take a month’s break every alternate month].

You can use just calc phos & calc fluor together or either Combination R [“Infant Teething Combination”] or combination U. All are ideal for tooth health. Combination R should be chosen where there is bad pain with teething or tooth decay.

Combination U
For symptoms associated with: Toothache, tooth decay, abscessing.
Calc Fluor – For strengthening and remineralising teeth and bones. Encourages correct and adequate growth of the palate, leading to straighter growth of teeth. Helps with gum and dental pain.
Calc phos – for assimilation of calcium when needs are high & tooth remineralisation [as per calc fluor].
Nat Phos – balancing acidity and blood sugar. Also is a remedy that can help with tooth grinding.
Silica – may prevent and treat abscesses. [It may be best to avoid using silica if you have implants, bone plates, a shunt or pace maker, etc.]

Combination R
For symptoms associated with: Toothache, teething, gum inflammation.
Calc Fluor – For strengthening and remineralising teeth and bones. Encourages correct and adequate growth of the palate, leading to straighter growth of teeth. Helps with gum and dental pain.
Calc phos – for assimilation of calcium when needs are high & tooth remineralisation [as per calc fluor].
Ferr phos– for inflammation of gums [and anaemia].
Mag phos – for tooth health & pain relief.
Silica – may prevent and treat abscesses. [It may be best to avoid using silica if you have implants, bone plates, a shunt or pace maker, etc.]

Tooth Healing in Pictures:

Tooth healing in action in my house: Aug-Oct 2019

When we spotted it we cut sugar out almost entirely. Been careful with fast breakdown carbs, juices, etc. Added in calc phos and calc fluor [9x potency] tissue salts in homeopathic solution once a day. We use propolis remineralising natural [fluoride free] toothpaste. [if it is deeply pitted, use propolis drops on the area daily to regenerate dentine]. Also been focussing on bone broths and jelly made with gelatine [sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol has tooth strengthening properties].  

My DD11 has been very self-disciplined about this as it is REALLY important to avoid filling teeth, if at all possible. In the case of this tooth, it was deformed when forming and remained quite soft when examined. It finally had to be scooped and filled.
You can see better examples below.

We’ve done healing with her before.

Here’s a very advanced cavity my daughter [age 9 at the time] healed between 2 milk teeth.  It has left substantial parts of the affected teeth missing but there is no decay or discolouration left.  I suspect the decay was too far advanced for the tooth to replace itself.
Now-a-days, we’d use propolis drops to attempt to regenerate the dentine but we check regularly and don’t get this far.

Work with patient:

Here are ‘before & after’ pictures from a child I treated for tooth decay [posted with permission].  These pictures were taken a while ago and the tooth is intact and white now.  The second picture shows the tooth recovered with a slight grey discolouration.

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28 thoughts on “Tooth decay: Healing Pictures!”

  1. Sally I’m wondering specifically which cell salts/homeopathics you used for the cavity shown in the picture?
    Thank you!

  2. What would be good for a 2 year old? How long and how often should he take those? He has 6 teeth that are bad. 2 of them have lost all enamel. He also has abscess that is draining. No pain or swelling. He has 1 month before appointment so trying to save what we can.

    1. Hi Jessica.
      I think this is more to deal with than you can successfully diy. It sounds like he has an underlying issue. Homeopathy can help with this but he’d need more than the tissue salts supplements and dietary interventions.
      I’ll check the post and see why links are not working. You may also find it will work if you use a different internet browser.
      You’re welcome to book a 15 min free chat with me if you need to discuss what I’ve written above. online booking: It sounds like he’ll not be far off tooth surgery under general anaesthetic from what you’ve described and it is worth trying to avoid that.
      Best wishes

  3. Hi Sally,

    I am in my late 40’s and the dentist said i have very chalky teeth. I also have white patches/discoloration on my teeth. Is there a tissue salt that would specifically help with these issues?

  4. Hi Sally
    I’m 25 years old and I have a number of cavities on and between my teeth. What cell salts would you suggest for this? Also what is the potency of the cell salts you used in your treatment of tooth decay?

    1. Hi Wendy. I usually use something in the region of 6x [the usual new era potency I think] or 9x. calc phos and calc fluor are the two most important ones. The people I’ve managed tooth healing with have also had constitutional treatment alongside and dietary interventions as described.
      Hope that helps.

      1. When you say 6x potency or 9x potency does that mean the number of pills of each tissue salt that need to be added to the concoction?

        1. If you buy them from a pharmacy you can get them in 6x and 9x [in the UK at least]. The New Era tissue salts I think are always 6x.
          I make a homeopathic solution with about 2 of the small pills and use that. I’ve mentioned in my article that that saves sugar consumption from the tablets and also saves you buying it repeatedly. 🙂

          1. Thank you for clarifying – I’m new to alternative remedies! The dentist has just detected a cavity in one of my 8-year-old’s adult teeth. She was due to have a filling last week but was too distressed and as a result is now being referred to the local dental hospital for possible treatment under general anaesthetic. I feel sick at the thought of her having to go under general anaesthetic at such a young age and so I am doing everything I can to try and encourage the tooth to remineralise. Her dentist said it will take 3-4 months for her appointment to arrive so that buys me a bit of time. Your article has been really helpful. I have purchased a propolis tincture today and a propolis toothpaste, we have switched to milk and butter from grass fed cows and I am going to give her the calc phos and calc fluo you mentioned. How much should I give her per dose? Also what would be the most effective way to use the propolis tincture? I got her to gargle with it for as long as possible before bed today but am wondering if I should use a cotton bud or something similar to apply directly to the tooth? Also trying to get some bone broth down her but finding it difficult to find somewhere that sells well-reared poultry. Thank you in advance!

          2. Q tip apply the propolis as you suggest. 🙂
            Be sure to cut sugar/sweets/cake/cookie/white bread/white pasta etc. I think that’s a really important part of the dietary changes needed.
            Give calc phos/calc fluor twice daily in a homeopathic solution.
            Organic poultry should be easy enough to find. Roast and eat the chicken then save the skin [get her to eat the crispy stuff if she likes it!] and carcass and make broth with that. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time and replying in so much detail Sally, I really appreciate it. I’m taking on board all the dietary changes you suggested; I was completely unaware about avoiding white flour! I have read how avoiding foods containing phytic acid has been found to heal cavities and although I’ve been trying to cut down her consumption of such foods, it’s proving extremely difficult as she seems to be getting hungrier quicker than usual.

    1. It’s my pleasure. I’m guessing her body is starting to call out for the foods she needs but sometimes a high sugar/refined diet can confuse our bodies and make it hard for us to establish what’s needed so we just have increased hunger in an attempt to cover all bases. Try to improve her nutrition [always the main issue with tooth decay … sometimes due to gut/metabolic/genetic issues with assimilating nutrients] and you’ll see things settle.
      It might be an idea to repeat any X-rays when you see remineralisation to check that the decay that started in the dentine is sound under the remineralised surface. It seems natural that the tooth would not remineralise over decaying dentine, but just make sure. xx

  6. Hi Sally! I’m writing from India. I have a hole in one of my first molar, first detected on 6th September this year. I have visited 4 dentists including a Biodentist and they all have different answers. From extraction to several root canals to root canal on only that tooth to no root canal required. The hole is there and when food gets into it the gum gets inflamed. I have got one ozone treatment done on it. I have a feeling of pressure on that side of the mouth but no pain, no swelling, no deep tooth pain. Can I heal this? Can you help me please?
    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Rashmi.
      What a shame you can’t get a consistent answer from those dentists!
      It sounds like it may have gone to the root if you’re having pain/inflammation. I suspect it’s not safe to leave infection at the root and you most likely need to have it filled at some point since it is an adult tooth and has gone so far.
      Try hepar sulph 200c single dose daily for up to 3 days to treat the infection and hypericum 200c in homeopathic solution for the pain.

      Then address your diet as per my article and get a recommendation for a reliable & excellent dentist. It is worth asking friends and getting references for whoever you choose.

      I hope you manage to get it resolved soon.
      Best wishes

  7. Hi Sally, I have a vertically cracked molar. The dentist and regular endo suggest getting a root canal with a possible extraction if he finds the crack goes below the gum line. The tooth itself doesn’t have pain but I do have sensitivity and a slight ache in my jaw up to my ear. Is there any way to avoid an rc or an extraction? I’ve never had any teeth issues before this and now I’m being told I need to do something drastic. The 3D scan found three molars cracked in all but this one is the focus at the moment.

    1. Hi Nuha, I suspect if the crack exposes the root you will have lost the root and/or are open to infection of the tooth. It’s not safe to leave a root infection (you can use homeopathy to calm the infection) and you’ll need to have the tooth repaired to make it sound.
      You may be able to heal the other cracks if they are not effecting the root. See if your dentist will monitor whilst you attempt that.
      Meanwhile, if you have problems with teeth cracking you most likely need a homeopathic treatment to prevent them remaining this brittle. I’ve done this work with children but not adults but don’t see why it shouldn’t work with adults (the remedies used don’t specify children).
      Hope that helps.

      1. Hi Sally,
        How do I verify if it’s exposed the root? Is the sensitivity indicative of that? If it hasn’t exposed the root, can anything be done?

        As for the homeopathic treatment, is that the information posted on your site or could you direct me to that? I really appreciate your help.

        1. X-ray will show it I think. Find a trusted dentist. Ask for referral from a friend and references.

          Regarding homeopathy for cracking teeth, it has to be tailored to you. It has to fit the patient well overall to work.

  8. This is a really helpful article. I have a 9yo daughter with hypomineralisation and cavities, We have/are trying Dental Pro7, mouthwashes , cold comfrey tea mouthwashes. We had also been taking cell salts 6x calc flour and silica for a while and boron. I guess we haven’t stuck to it long enough seeing that your treatment time was 6 months. I’m unsure with your instructions if the cell salts are ok to take as is or I need to make them into a homeopathic solution? I have only ever see 6x on the shelves.

    1. Hi Allison. Depending where in the world you are, you can find cell salts at or
      It’s best to use homeopathic solutions as you change the potency each dose with succussion (bashing) and there is less sugar involved. You also don’t have to keep buying cell salts stocks.
      Consider also a propolis toothpaste and be sure to address the dietary recommendations really well.
      If her hypomineralisation is extensive, a constitutional homeopathic treatment might be appropriate too.

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