To Mammogram or Not To Mammogram ..

Women may feel nervous not to mammogram, may dread them, may avoid them, may seek alternatives … but few question the efficacy of mammograms.

A recently published Harvard study of 16 million women in the USA concluded that over-diagnosis was high and death rates from breast cancer were not lower in areas with greater levels of screening, indicating that screening had no significant benefits but might lead to unnecessary interventions & treatment.

The Swiss Medical Board, in 2014, recommended that the country’s mammography screening programme for breast cancer be suspended because it leads to too many unnecessary interventions.

A report in the British Medical Journal said:

the board said that while systematic mammography screening for breast cancer saved 1-2 women’s lives for every 1000 screened, it led to unnecessary investigations and treatment for around 100 women in every 1000.  link

Check out the facts and figures before you elect for routine mammography.  Decide if your family history means that the odds make screening more useful.

There are other methods of breast screening that are less invasive and don’t have associated radiation risks (such as Thermography), but they still have the attendant risks of under and over-diagnosis and unnecessary interventions.

Explore Life style factors (NHS UK)
Check your Contraceptive Pill:  Ensure you use a low estrogen pill.   Most are low estrogen now, as a matter of course.

How Mammograms Improve Survival But Not Mortality

Here is an exploration of research into homeopathy & cancer.   Homeopathic remedies are also used for palliative care with the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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