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Tic Treatment With Homeopathy Explained

J is a 13.5yo American boy of Indian parents with continuous, aggressive facial, head and neck tics along with attention issues. He’s a very conscientious, caring person and eager to please. His grades are good despite his issues and he tries to hide or cover his errors. J and his mum came for a third attempt at tic treatment with homeopathy.

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Attention issues began around age 5 and an arm tic began to appear age 7. This gradually moved to the chest and the facial/head tic came on quite suddenly at age 10. J’s tics subsided when playing soccer, but otherwise were pretty constant.

By 13, he’d accumulated the following tics:  

  • facial grimace, 
  • head movement to the right in sets of spasms, 
  • shoulder raises and 
  • blinking. 

He’d seen a series of consultants for neurological assessment & tic treatment with homeopathy & he was pretty reluctant to see a 3rd homeopath!

The first homeopath gave the remedy gelsemium and all tics stopped for 15 days, then returned. They repeated gelsemium with no improvement and then tried 15-20 remedies that gave no gains and they stopped after 6 months. 
A second homeopath was consulted for 2-3 months. No improvement at all there.

Carcinosin: tic treatment with homeopathy.

When I took J’s case I could see that his remedy could be difficult to spot. However, I know that Carcinosin is a remedy that suits a nervous person who has neurological symptoms associated with pressure and a strong desire to please … so it was the first remedy to consider.

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I noticed that he was unusually obedient & conscientious for a boy of his age and, despite his excellent grades, his mum was very anxious about his future academic outcomes. Understandably she was concerned his tics would stand in his way too.

I suspected that pressure to succeed was causing anxiety that manifested as neurological tics. I noticed he was quite passive toward his mum, with carefully concealed irritability and a tendency to deny issues existed. Under the circumstances [his age, the situation of seeing a 3rd homeopath, having his ‘faults’ aired] I’d have expected it to be normal to express some irritation or frustration more openly.

I suspected that pressure to succeed was causing anxiety that manifested as neurological #tics.

I wanted to gently suggest that his tics could be a nervous response to pressure and I explained that most children would weather the pressure without producing such symptoms but she was dealing with a highly sensitive and conscientious child. Most likely she could take the opportunity to lift pressure from him and we could strengthen him with the remedy.

Carcinosin was taken starting in a 200c [single dose am and pm for 1 day only]. 
We saw an immediate result with the removal of the facial grimace. Then a gradual decrease in intensity and frequency of head tics after a single dose of 1M a few months later.

Current Update

J has a very slight, occasional shoulder lift remaining after a recent repeat dose of Carcinosin 1M. 
He was positively relaxed when I saw him today and mum reports that his behaviour became very calm. I found him very laid back, without the underlying nervousness we saw at the start.

He is still talking in class, but his grades are good and I suspect he is a highly social person who is somewhat interested in chatting to his class mates!
Another great change was that he no longer feels the need to hide the things he gets wrong. “To be truthful” he said, smiling broadly, “I do get told off for talking.”

So, we’ll wait about 2 months to see if these last residual symptoms resolve and then consider 10M of Carcinosin if not.

Nice case outcome 🙂 Very pleased boy and mum. Showing the positive action of a well-matched homeopathic remedy. 
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.

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