ADHD & PANS: Thomas Age 8

8yo Thomas is diagnosed with ADHD & suspected PANS.

ADHD: Thomas has lack of concentration, hyperactivity, poor executive functioning, extreme impulsiveness and inability to self regulate.
This goes through phases of being mild and manageable to extreme.

PANS flares: On top of this he has periods of extreme anxiety (which manifest as being in a constant state of fight or flight, jumpy and paranoid), repetitive involuntary shouting of random words and phrases, outbursts of inappropriate laughter ending in hiccups, repetitive throat clearing and physical spinning.

Ritalin [Methylphenidate] was prescribed but was stopped due to extreme anxiety.
His mum turned to homeopathy for a solution.
We gave him a homeopathic remedy called hyoscyamus, which fitted his symptoms very well indeed.

ADHD Outcomes at first follow up:

We had 3/4 amazing days after about 48 hours where we thought “oh my god, this is a miracle”. Then I believe his behaviour got worse and then we have come to a level where he’s actually very happy from a wellbeing point of view, although still very distracted.


Thomas is able to go upstairs on his own now. He still needs to know someone is in the house but he is much less afraid to be alone in the room.

Less anxious40%
Hand tics 90%
Vocal tics30%
Inappropriate laughter80%
Indecision [causing anxiety]40%

Next steps for ADHD recovery

We checked really carefully for antidotes [like coke], to see why it had worked for some days before a partial relapse. As we couldn’t find an obvious cause of the slight relapse we repeated the remedy and plan to give a higher potency if he relapses again. I’m hopeful we should see the kind of full recovery I’ve seen among other children.

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