My son is 13 and has Aspergers and probably PDA.  He has been stressed since the day he was born.  We took him out of a Steiner School about 1.5 years ago and  home educated him, this did lessen his anxiety.  Then we found Sally.  After taking her tablets on the 3rd day he decided at dinner he loved cauliflower and broccoli (he never has done) and devoured a plate full just using his hands, filling his cheeks full!  That night he couldn’t sleep because we were going on holiday, but not from the normal stress of going away, from excitement to be going away!  Something he has never done.  When we got there he ran and jumped into the swimming pool and played in there without us. (He doesn’t normally leave my side and is frightened of swimming).  It’s now been a month since all this happened and we have a more relaxed, happier, more confident child, who still gets worried and has a quick temper, but nothing like he was previously.

Karen [Nottinghamshire, UK]

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